The preliminary selection evaluation of the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Urban Railway System Line Feasibility Studies Preparation Consultancy Service tender has been completed.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Urban Transportation Master Plan Project 25 was asked to bid from the winners of the pre-selection of the consultancy tender until May 2012. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality collected the applications on the date of 07 May 2012 ş Erzurum Kent [more…]


Level Crossings Closed in Salihli

In the district of Salihli, it is stated that automatic barrier gateways will be closed due to railway line renovations which will take 4 days. In a written statement from State Railways, it is reported that the 4 automatic barriers in Salihli will be closed to vehicle traffic due to working in the railways. [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursaray Stations Refreshing

While the work on the Bursaray-Kestel line is being carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, the station renovation and repair works, which were started from Arabayatağı, continue. 2002 and 2008 years in the works initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality to make Bursaray stops more aesthetic. [more…]

28 Giresun

Students' Journey to the Dangerous Cable Car

In the Tevekli neighborhood of the town of Giresun, the citizens and the primary school students are still accessing the Gelivera Creek in a primitive way. Residents of the Tevekli neighborhood, which is not a bridge and a road to their neighborhoods, found the remedy to build a ropeway on Gelivera Creek. Primitive [more…]