06 Ankara

'' Turkish Train '' departed from Ankara

735. Kar Turkish Train hazırlanan prepared within the scope of the Year Karaman Turkish Language Festival activities departed for Ankara with a ceremony from Ankara Train Station Dinçer, Minister of National Education, said goodbye to the beginning of all journeys. [more…]


Black Sea Railway and Fast Train

We used the rails laid by the Russians in the construction of the house. Railway transportation around the world started with industrialization in 1800 years. The first nail used for laying railway rails in Europe was called “GOLD NAIL ... [more…]

06 Ankara

'Rails' from Rivet to Gokcek

CHP Mehmet Perçin, CHP Eşber Atilla'ya insulted Gökçek'i invited to be decent. CHP Çankaya District President Mehmet Perçin, CHP Eşber Atilla'ya insulting the twitter account Ankara Metropolitan Municipality [more…]