34 Istanbul

Melen passes the Bosphorus

The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs completed the water tunnel passing under the 135 meter of the Bosphorus. Prime Minister Erdogan's project in July, Istanbul will end the water problem until 2050 a crazy project in Istanbul, Forest and Water [more…]


Tramway Accident in Kayseri: 1 Injured

1 injured in a traffic accident that occurred in Kayseri. According to information obtained, the traffic accident that occurred in the Melikgazi District of Kayseri Membergazi District, NS (31) 's 38 HL 151 plate was learned that the car collided with the tram. Injured Vehicle Driver [more…]

06 Ankara

On the high-speed train

It was a great adventure for me to go by high speed train between Ankara and Konya. Thanks to TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who is considered to be the head of the family of the railroads, he made a torpedo to the captain of the Battle and provided both travel in VIP and occasional mechanics. [more…]