İsa Apaydın Century-old Railway Worker Mehmet İlterle Sohbet Had

İsa Apaydın Century-old Railway Worker Mehmet İlterle Sohbet Etti: TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınMehmet İlter met with the centuries-old railroad worker in Bahçe, Osmaniye.
Apaydın met with retired railway worker Mehmet İlter, born in 1918, in the district of Bahçe where he was located for the Bahçeşehir-Nurdağ Variant Tunnel. sohbet He.
Turkey told the Longest Tunnel
Unemployed Mehmet İlter, who served in the railroads for many years and who served the railroads for the most arduous geography conditions, could not see anyone other than the Road Guard, Road Sergeant and Section Chief when he was working, which he did not want to believe before that he was the General Manager. His joy was worth seeing.
Performed in a cheerful and friendly environment sohbet TCDD General Manager during İsa ApaydınWhen completed it will be Turkey's longest tunnel, consisting of 2 tube, said Garden-Nurdağ Tunnel in total 20 200 thousand meters long and the other rail projects.
”I am so happy to meet my general manager without dying“
While listening to the General Director of TCDD, Mehmet İlter, who is known to have reached the peak of his excitement, seemed to be reliving these days while sharing important moments of a life on the tracks.
"Ah! These mountains have either these mountains, what trains have passed through these mountains? In the snow in the winter, in the cold, what difficulties we had in the heat of what you get books, what time is enough.
“You are now carrying this flag. May Allah give you strength and strength. May my Lord not turn you from the right way. The bread of the railway is halal. " retired railway worker Mehmet İlter said, “Thank God I am in this state at this age, as I have not had haram bite in my throat until now. With you sohbet I am. Before God dies, like you, the competent person and with me sohbet with my humble enough General Manager sohbet I am very happy that he has made it. May my Lord give you a life that will account for you too. " he spoke.

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