The Most Affected Transportation Sector in Istanbul

Transportation Sector Most Affected by Flood Disaster in Istanbul

It is clear that the sector which is most affected by the distorted urbanization of Istanbul based on far-ranta distant science is the transportation sector!

Istanbul woke up yesterday morning in the city life with torrential rain and paralysis. The people of Istanbul were stranded on the roads, public transportation vehicles / their own vehicles and metro stations when they wanted to go home. An attempt was made to rescue the stranded bots. Images of people crossing the streets were reflected on television screens. As the water generated by the rainfall could not be removed from the infrastructure, there were disruptions in the vehicle traffic on the roads and some flights to the metro stations / roads were stopped temporarily. As of 18.07.2017 historical time 10.30 line between Istanbul and Yenikapı-Bakırköy stations could not be used. In the entire T1 line, the entire length of the T1 line could not be extended for a long time. There was no trip on the Eyüp-Pierloti cable car line. Taksim Station Gezi Park exit was closed to the reception of passengers. Tusunamiye, Eurasian Tunnel Anatolia-Europe direction opened to operation due to earthquake-resistant rhetoric, temporarily closed due to adverse weather conditions.

Turkey's largest city on experienced this situation AKP officials, including the relevant ministers and the mayor first "natural disaster" as niteleyip "go out drive" They did call and every rain, snow then instead of seeking a solution to the problem of 15 million city tried to block their homes .

In 2017 the country's oil rainwater captured the largest metropolitan cities in Turkey can take as fate would paralyze happened can not be explained by transport or M2 excess of rainfall. The only responsibility for a natural event to paralyze a city like Istanbul is AKP's management understanding based on rent and construction, unplanned, not taking scientific warnings into consideration, and looting order.

The table that emerged in Istanbul today revealed the situation of the infrastructure. Cars entering the passages built as batt-output were sunk, but could not. Preparing the natural disaster is not the preparation of the search and rescue team, but the preparation of the infrastructure.

Let's recall;

* When the dates showed September 9, 2009, 7 women who came to the Pameks Textile Factory, which hit the city with rain and flood, also got a seat at a time.

  • The sleeper 6 driver died in his sleep in İkitelli TIR park,
  • İkitelli and Halkalı 8 body found.
  • Three people died in Çatalca and Silivri.

* In two days 31 can take the disaster to the airport and the airport is paralyzed Halkalı the wagons were dragged into the lake. The most important factor in the Selin experience was the development of the surrounding area of ​​the Ayamama River and allowed to build.

In spite of this, the floods of 9 on September 2009 Halkalı garda and Halkalı Çerkezköy as a result of the damage in the railway line Marmaray project Halkalı the fact that we recommend changing the station is ignored.

Considering the changing climatic conditions, the infrastructures of the cities should be prepared by taking into consideration the most severe rainfall in 100.

Although the construction sector has shrunk rapidly after the 2001 crisis, 2006 has grown in 25,96 as a result of the stabilization program implemented with the AKP government. In 2015 the number of building permits given by the municipalities was 1 million 230 thousand apartments. In 2016, the building permits issued by municipalities were 2015 million 10,6 thousand by increasing the number of apartments by 1 by 330 snake. According to the number of apartments, Istanbul 213 thousand 526 units with the highest share in the highest share of concrete has been falling.

The AKP government and local government, which does not leave green areas in Istanbul and chokes on concrete everywhere, sows the flowers and tulips imported from the Netherlands to the retaining walls.

Those who manage the city without taking into account the warnings, working reports and explanations of the scientists' professional chambers; they destroy the forests of the cities with mining highway construction. AKP government and Municipalities ignore the life of nature and human by making HEPP to our streams. The government, which perceives building nuclear power plants, building a bridge that is not in the zoning plan, building an airport for the migration route of birds, covering the city with concrete, has brought Istanbul and our other cities to this point. Infrastructure is prepared according to the existing zoning plan in the cities. However, both the municipalities and the ministry do not see any harm in allowing intensive construction outside these plans. The infrastructure prepared according to the current plan collapses in the first natural disaster and causes disaster.

It is clear that the sector which is most affected by Istanbul's distant urbanization away from science is the transportation sector. The mentality that tries to solve the urban transportation by road for years is taking the distorted urbanization further by trying to close the connected lines with Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Gar or to use it outside of the transportation area. We are now warning the government and TCDD management. The fact that the amount of rainfall per square meter in Istanbul is explained as 65 kig, and Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Gar and Haydarpaşa Port providing transportation services should be opened for more than one hundred years. Especially in Haydarpaşa Gar extension plan should be abandoned as soon as the railway lines are covered with concrete.

Although the projects implemented by the AKP government without ignoring the warnings of the professional chambers and the NGOs of the NGOs have been taking life since the past, it is persistent to take lessons.

We warn the government of scientists, professional chambers, unions, ignoring the warning of non-scientific, environment and ecology disrupts, royalty-based and showcasing mentality as a result of the distorted urbanization, crooked transportation and increasingly more and more cities are forced to live in cities facing. This should be immediately abandoned.

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