Eastern Express Timetable Changed
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Eastern Express Timetable Changed

Eastern Express Expedition Hours Changed: TCDD Erzurum Station Directorate reported that the Eastern Express train timetable was changed. The train services on the Kars-Erzurum-Ankara line are delayed to an unsuitable hour for passengers in Erzurum. [more…]

91 India

Train Crash in India: 24 Dead

24 people died in India as a result of a collision of a passenger train and freight train. It was announced that some of the passengers lost their lives in the fire that broke into the wagon. As the rescue efforts continue, the number of dead people is worried. [more…]


Countries Using Siemens B80

Turkey BursaRay 48 140 Total Total Germany Rheinbahn B80 Aluminum -92 LRT Vehicle Vehicles (including cars 4 restaurant) LRT Vehicles Vehicle B80 Steel -11 Click here for technical information


Gir Alo 131 N comes into service

Efforts to reduce accidents at level crossings continue to zero. Line 131 has been allocated for emergency situations where citizens will be involved in level crossings. In order to achieve zero accident target at level crossings, [more…]