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United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Istanbul 1. Nolu Branch made a written press statement and protested the planned implementation of the Haydarpaşa Train Station and its connections.
Despite the fact that the United Transport Employees Union (BTS) affiliated to KESK, which made a written statement to the press, has a total area of ​​1 million square meters, Haydarpaşa Station and Harbor and its surroundings are a protected area, “I need the Haydarpaşa Station of the TCDD General Directorate. According to the Conservation Master Plan for Haydarpaşa Station and its surroundings, which was accepted by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on November 25, 2011, the station building was given a culture, accommodation, or hotel function. Haydarpaşa Station and Haydarpaşa Station had to be lonely and depraved in order to realize this plan, which was prepared to obtain rent from Haydarpaşa Station and Port area. Haydarpaşa Train Station was deployed by using the 2nd International Railway Symposium organized by TCDD, the roof fire and road maintenance works that occurred during the careless maintenance work. ” Called.
The press release stated that hundreds of subcontractors and their employees lost their jobs with the removal of train services, and that the existing workplaces had to close their shutters in Gar, as well: “Trains were not operated for a long time after the roof fire, and ferries were not isolated from the sea engines and the Haydarpaşa Gar was isolated from people and trains. . Although the damage caused by the fire was considered as a reason and it was thought to evacuate the employees in the building, TCDD management took a step back due to the reaction. As a result of the Marmaray project, the outline has been closed as of 20 February 2012, under the pretext that the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project between Gebze and Pendik, which should be closed on December 01, 2012, will be initiated between Köseköy and Gebze. Thus, all the main line passenger trains coming to Haydarpaşa for 30 months were removed from the voyage and the penultimate isolation attempt of Haydarpaşa station was implemented. Now, starting Sunday, April 29, the Pendik-Gebze line, with an average of 100 thousand passengers daily, will be closed. Thus, passengers with such density will become impenetrable from the E5 traffic at the stop. However, this line could be constructed in such a way that the only way is open, as we said on the Köseköy-Gebze line. In the continuation of the project, between Pendik and Haydarpaşa will be closed in early 2013. In fact, the Marmaray project, which was advertised as the project of 100 years by the government, was the mistake of the century because it caused the demolition of 29 historical station buildings and many historical bridges on the Anatolian Baghdad Railway route, as well as the closing of Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations. TCDD Management has taken away the convenience of constitutional access and preference of the people living on this route, which has escaped the convenience of giving a new function on the working line (such as giving the YHT function to the Köseköy Gebze line) instead of building a separate line in the Marmaray project. The policies implemented today are part of the liquidation and privatization policies implemented in TCDD under the name of "Railways Restructuring", to end the expedition of passenger trains, and to attempt to move the railway station out of the city.
. We will continue our struggle until the day that the transportation policies for the benefit of our country and the public will be implemented by leaving the wrong transportation policies implemented in TCDD as BTS and Haydarpaşa Solidarity, ler the press release concludes.

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