16 Bursa

Fixing Cut Cables in Bursaray

Signaling cables of the line between Özlüce and Yüzüncüüyıl stations of BursaRay were cut by unidentified people last night. The event due to the signaling cable being cut and not touching any other cable [more…]

Intercity Railways

5 increased by 50 per year

State Railways (TCDD) carried about half a billion passengers in the past 5 years. To close the railway mobilization that started with the first years of the Republic for years, and [more…]


Train move in Southeast

State Railways pressed the button for a new High Speed ​​Train line that will connect cities in the Southeast in a matter of hours. From Adana to the border with Iraq and Syria before the project [more…]



Turkey Transport Union (TUS) Sakarya Branch President Omar Shield, a press release of the TÜVASAŞ opposed the move. Lands Spain's Zaragoza where high speed train sets will be purchased [more…]