What is a fielder, what does he do, how to be? Fielder Salaries 2022

What is a Meydanci What Does He Do How to Become A Meydanci Salary
What is a Fielder, What does he do, How to become a Fielder Salary 2022

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The square is the person who maintains the general order in places where there are many common areas. It is the duty of the fielder to eliminate the problems that may cause visual pollution or lack of hygiene in the work area. The cleaner and the fielder are two different business lines that should not be confused with each other. It is a more comprehensive profession in terms of duties and responsibilities. The cleaning officer takes care of the cleaning processes of offices, schools, shops, markets, clinics, hospitals. The working areas where the processes that can answer the question of what does the Meydancı do are factories, workshops, facilities, hotels and restaurants. In order to answer the question of what a fielder means, it is necessary to talk about the duties and responsibilities of the fielder.

What does Meydancı do, what are his duties and responsibilities?

Fielder duties show some differences according to workplaces. In general, fielders undertake various duties and responsibilities in the workplace. The answers to the question of what does a fielder do can be listed as follows:

  • To support or organize the cleaning personnel in crowded places where mass production is made,
  • Delivering personal belongings forgotten in the area to their owner,
  • To prevent the loss of professional tools,
  • Finding lost personal belongings and tools,
  • Working in coordination with security personnel; to ensure that security comes to the relevant place if necessary,
  • Notifying the employees of lunch break, meal and break times, current announcements made by the administration,
  • To guide visitors,
  • Directing the people coming for job application or job interview to the relevant units,
  • Introducing the departments of the workplace to the new people,
  • To provide organization in accordance with the demands of senior managers,
  • Welcoming inspectors, constables and police officers with a smiling face and directing them to the right areas,
  • Directing the repair personnel called due to various malfunctions,
  • To assist the needs of repair personnel during the working process,
  • Confirming that machinery, devices and functional equipment are turned off at the end of the working hours,
  • Tasks such as helping workers stay calm in case of disaster and directing them to emergency exits are included in the fielder's job description.

What Training Do You Need to Get to Become a Fielder?

Different answers can be given to the question of how to become a fielder in terms of education, depending on the characteristics of the institution to be assigned and the sector. The fieldwork has a wide-ranging definition, the excess of sectors in which the profession is active can also create a change in the characteristics of the education to be received depending on the job description. The qualifications sought in the employee vary according to the sector. It is enough to know the production environment, have sufficient experience in the position and quickly master new information. With the spread of tourism activities, the increasing number of hotels can look for a certificate in their field candidates. There are no programs on field training in official educational institutions. Being able to grasp the profession through personal experience did not create a need for the creation of training programs for fielders. The field training given in private vocational courses is for those who want to work in hotels and accommodation facilities. Being able to speak English at a basic level, complying with diction and etiquette are the achievements of hotel receptionist training. Those who want to work as a square in luxury hotels can gain advantages with first aid and fire extinguishing certificates. For many businesses in different industries, the fielder job description varies.

What are the Requirements to Become a Fielder?

If a worker candidate who says how to be a fielder wants to work in a hotel, he is expected to show communicative competence first. Most hotels have separate staff for cleaning. The job left to the fielder is usually to observe and advise. Answering the questions of those who come to the hotel for the first time, directing them to the department they want to go to, being able to deal with foreign tourists, knowing the precautions to be taken in case of emergency are the basic conditions for the hotel concierge. Factory fielding requires experience rather than theoretical knowledge. Experienced fielders can be sought in a factory where the means of production are massed. Various job opportunities are available for candidates who have gained experience in workshops producing at different scales. The answers to the question of how much salary the fielder gets will vary according to the standards of the workplace, working hours, workload and many other factors. According to the characteristics of the work done in different sectors, fielder salaries will differ. Fielder salaries can also vary based on experience. As the experience period increases, the salary amounts of the fielders can also increase.

Fielder Salaries 2022

As they progress in their careers, the positions they work in and the average salaries they receive are the lowest 6.010 TL, the average 7.510 TL, and the highest 16.250 TL.

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