Good News for Contractors in the Public Service! Who is the Contracted Civil Servant Staff Covered?

Good News of Staffing for Public Contractors
Staff Announcement to Public Contractors

📩 29/11/2022 10:14

In the process of recruiting contracted personnel in the public sector carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Article 657-B of the Civil Servants Law No. 4 was made the main basis, and the status of contracted personnel was redefined by eliminating the confusion in the legislation. In the transition of contracted employees, including local administrations, to the staff, the condition of having worked in this status for 3 years will be sought, and there will be a candidate civil service period of 1 year.

At the Cabinet Meeting held at the Presidential Complex, the issue of recruiting contracted personnel in the public sector, whose preparations were carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, was discussed. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in his address to the nation after the meeting, announced that the transition from contracted to staff will take place after a period of 3+1 years. Those who have already completed 3 years of contracts will be able to immediately switch to the candidate civil service. Those who have not yet completed this period will have the same right at the end of 3 years. 227 thousand people, who were excluded from the previous staffing arrangement, will be able to use their right to be directly assigned to the staff, as their terms will have expired. According to the new status, 520 of the 424 thousand contracted personnel in the public sector can be recruited voluntarily. Contracted military personnel, contracted academic personnel, contracted SOE personnel, contracted artists, contracted parliamentary consultants, contracted health managers and all contracted public employees will be excluded from the scope of the cadre.

The rights of the personnel who do not want to switch from the contracted staff to the staff will continue depending on the person until their term of office ends, then their staff will be abolished automatically. The personnel who are transferred to the staff will have the right to transfer between institutions after a 4-year period. Those who are contracted from local administrations to cadres will only be able to change places between local administrations. Thus, it is aimed to solve another important problem of public employees and to make their contracted permanent status more fair and sustainable. The legal regulation on this subject will be submitted to the Parliament as soon as possible and will be implemented.

“Turkey Has Made a Significant Distance in Working Life”

He emphasized that in the last 20 years, Turkey has come a long way in working life, as in every field, and that this fact can be clearly seen in all data, especially unionization rates, wages and social rights.

Reminding that among the studies carried out by the Ministry, the highest minimum wage increases, minimum wages and the minimum wage level of all wages are excluded from Income Tax, Erdoğan said that Turkey, which has grown with investment, employment, production and exports, recorded the highest employment figure in its history in September. He also stated that it reached 31,4 million.

Noting that the increase in employment had a positive impact on the balance of the social security system, President Erdoğan stated that in the 6th collective agreement signed for public employees, important decisions were taken regarding staff positions as well as salary increases, and the issue of additional indicator increases for civil servants, which had been expected for many years, was resolved.

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