Desire for Information about the Future Can Turn into an Obsession

The Desire for Information about the Future May Turn into Obsession
Desire for Information about the Future Can Turn into an Obsession

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Hospital Specialist Clinical Psychologist İhsan Öztekin evaluated the desire of people to wonder about the future and learn about the future.

Noting that there are different theories about why people are curious and want to learn about the unknown, Specialist Clinical Psychologist İhsan Öztekin said, “According to one theory, the unknown is a situation that creates a feeling of discontent. It is possible to get rid of this feeling of discontent by being curious and acquiring new information. According to another theory, trying to learn new information as a result of curiosity causes dopamine to be released and people to feel better.

Expressing that humanity's curiosity to know the future is endless, Specialist Clinical Psychologist İhsan Öztekin said, "People's curiosity to know the future, as well as the desire to know what happened in the past, continues today with curiosity such as who lives where, what they eat, what they drink, where they travel with whom. Although there are many things that people wonder about the past life, the subject that people want to learn and wonder the most is 'What will happen in the future?' 'What will I face in life after today?' such thoughts,” he said.

Emphasizing that the unknown is always mysterious, Specialist Clinical Psychologist İhsan Öztekin warned that this situation should not turn into an obsession and said:

“Uncertainty arouses curiosity in human psychology, it is attractive, it attracts people. If the personality of the individual is suitable for this, he almost dedicates his life to these issues. He starts to organize his daily life according to the information he receives, and then he may become dependent on these issues. It can turn into an obsession.

Paranoid suspicions may arise. For example, after a fortune teller said that a short and fat person wants to hurt you, he may start to suspect all the short and fat people around him. Selective attention is involved here. Attention is focused and other stimuli are excluded. Or a person who claims to predict the future even though his wife is a reliable and faithful wife, saying, "Your spouse is cheating on you" can lead to stalking, suspicions, outbursts of anger, fights, divorces, and even worse consequences.”

Specialist Clinical Psychologist İhsan Öztekin stated that people who are psychologically healthy, self-confident, and at peace with themselves do not care much about these issues and said, “They do not direct their lives according to what others say. They take responsibility and make their own decisions. They do not come under the influence of others. They act on their own observations, their own thoughts and their own feelings. They don't care about what other people are doing. They direct their curiosity to much more useful and healthy areas. They are interested in scientific issues. They are researchers, they are observers. They read books, they are interested in art and literature. New developments in science and technology also enter the fields of curiosity. Science begins with curiosity. Curiosity enables research, research enables learning, and learning enables the development of human and human history.

İhsan Öztekin stated that the problems, epidemics, wars and economic crises experienced in our country and in the world in the last period have become much more affecting people, and concluded his words by stating that this situation was evaluated by opportunistic people and that a commercial sector was formed:

“Due to the increasing fear and anxiety about the future, the need for curiosity and information about the future has also increased. In order to meet such a great demand, many fields of activity have emerged to fill the gap in this regard, and a large commercial sector has emerged in our country and in the world. Great financial benefits can be achieved by exploiting people's excessive interest and weakness in this direction. Soothsayers such as Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, shamans, astrologers, psychics, fortune tellers such as Tarot, water, palmistry, coffee fortune, people dealing with mystical and metaphysical fields, and those who spill lead, are very important in this field to give information about the future. They are in intense activity. This process will continue as long as humanity exists.”

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