Earthquake Fear Can Be Different for Everyone

Earthquake Fear Can Be Different for Everyone
Earthquake Fear Can Be Different for Everyone

Specialist Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu from Anadolu Medical Center made statements about the fear of earthquakes. Earthquake, which is a part of life, causes anxiety in many people. Specialist Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu, who stated that disaster scenarios, including people's loved ones, family and close circles, trigger fear and anxiety more: can occur in the form of disruptions in the order. In fear of earthquakes, people are generally worried about the consequences of the earthquake, not the earthquake itself.

Expert Psychologist Dokuzlu said that fear, anger, guilt and regret may be among the reactions shown after the earthquake and its effects, “Traumatic events such as earthquakes cause people to experience uneasiness for a while. For a person who does not have such a hurtful and impressive experience in his daily life, the post-earthquake process can be quite challenging and it can take months or even years for the person to resume his/her life.

Stating that the situation is much more difficult especially for people who have come out from under the rubble or lost a loved one, Dokuzlu reminded that "The healthy thing is to continue a normal life after a while, but if the traumatized person is in the adaptation phase and has difficulties in coping with the trauma, a specialist should be consulted." found.

Specialist Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu made suggestions on how to support people who are exposed to disasters such as earthquakes:

“The person may want to share all the details of the negative situation they are experiencing or may not want to talk about it at all. Let him tell you how he feels, what he's going through, and listen patiently. Don't be persistent if she doesn't want to share about her experiences. Do not judge while listening, avoid criticizing. Knowing that she has someone to share her negativity with will make her feel good.

After negative situations, people may not always want to talk, they may not want to think about things that will remind them of the event. What is needed during or after such events is to feel that someone who listens, reassures, tries to understand and is tolerant is next to them. Remind her that she can reach you easily whenever she needs it.

The person who suffered a loss in a disaster may not be able to think clearly for a while due to this devastating event, may have difficulty expressing his feelings while describing himself, and it may take time to return to his daily life. In the meantime, the support of those around him and what he says contribute to the recovery of the person. Waiting for him to return to his old life immediately and acting as if nothing happened is one of the biggest mistakes made.

Instead of using accusatory language, try to use a conciliatory, helpful and peaceful language these days. Many of us are saddened by the sad disasters experienced, it is quite normal to want to share our feelings, but while doing this, we should avoid statements that will make ourselves and others uneasy.”

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