Railbus Services Working Integrated with GAZİRAY Attract Great Interest

Raybus Expeditions Working Integrated With GAZIRAY Attract Great Interest
Railbus Services Working Integrated with GAZİRAY Attract Great Interest

GAZİRAY, which provides service by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, provides comfortable and fast transportation for passengers by working integrated with Raybus, which starts flights between Nizip and Gaziantep.

The passengers carried to the city center by Raybus, which serves with a capacity of 49 wagons and 2 people, on the 126-kilometer line, for which the road improvement was made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, completes their transportation in the city center by using GAZİRAY at the Gar station.

In this context, passengers arriving at the city center in 2 minutes by Raybus, which makes 40 trips between Gaziantep and Nizip, in the morning and evening, continue their journeys without slowing down thanks to GAZİRAY, which carries passengers at 30-minute intervals.

While Raybus organizes its flights from the city center to the district at 06.30 in the morning and at 17.00 in the evening, it takes passengers from Nizip at 07.30 and at 18.00 and carries out its flights to Gaziantep.


University student Sadri Mikail Polat stated that he actively uses Raybus and GAZİRAY, which have started to operate between Nizip and the city center soon, and said, “Thanks to these two new train lines, my transportation was relieved and the problems I was experiencing in terms of time were resolved. I was relieved financially with these two transportation services that serve within the municipalities.” said.

Sakine Diker, who lives in Nizip and travels to the city center due to health problems, stated that she preferred Raybus because it was more affordable and said, “GAZİRAY also provides service in the city center. I was there at the opening. We are pleased, our transportation is now more comfortable and faster.” he said.

Türkan Aslan, a housewife traveling by Raybüs for the first time, said that it was a great comfort that there was no waiting time in transportation while arriving in Nizip.

Müzeyyen Yıldırım, who went to Raybüs for a family visit, stated that she was satisfied with the train line between Nizip-Gaziantep and said, “A comfortable transportation, I hope the number of trips will be increased in the future. If this happens, the transportation between the district and the city center will become much better.” used his statements.

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