Havza Mechanical Parking Lot Will Be Opened in the First Quarter of 2023

Havza Mechanic Parking Lot will be put into service in the first quarter of the flour
Havza Mechanical Parking Lot Will Be Opened in the First Quarter of 2023

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality struck a permanent scalpel on the parking problem with a total of 7 mechanical and 2 conventional underground car parks in the districts of İlkadım, Çarşamba, Canik and Havza. President Mustafa Demir said, "We are removing the parking problem from Samsun's agenda with Vision projects."

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality brings permanent solutions to the parking problem. The Metropolitan Municipality, which gives Subaşı a breath of fresh air with a 2-storey 142-car parking lot, has also completed the construction of a 5-storey 240-vehicle parking lot on Wednesday. Car park in Çarşamba district will start to serve after the test phase.

The construction of a mechanical multi-storey car park with 340 vehicles in Havza district has also come to an end. In addition, two mechanical parking lots with a total capacity of 301 vehicles will be built on the lower and upper sides of Istiklal Street in Ilkadim District. In Canik district, expropriation works continue for the two planned mechanical parking lots. While the Metropolitan Municipality is slashing the parking problem with mechanical parking lots, it will also bring new living spaces to the citizens with the squares it will build in those areas.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which plans to build an underground car park for 200 vehicles in the area where the main city service building is located and 200 vehicles in the area where the municipality service building is located, will increase the brand value of the city by transforming these areas into new attraction centers.


Emphasizing the importance of parking lot works, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “We measure, evaluate and do so in every aspect of every work done. The next generation will not have to destroy the investments made in our period again. We are working in this direction. This is exactly the case with the solutions we produced for the parking problem. Our citizens know the old state of Subaşı. What did we do there? We descended 14 meters below the ground. We fit 142 vehicles into that tiny space. This is awesome. Our mechanical system parking lot relieved that area to a great extent. Subaşı Parking Lot was more popular than we expected. Wednesday East Side Parking Lot is almost finished. I hope we will put it into operation by the end of the year,” he said.

“We will put the Havza Mechanical Parking Lot into service in the first quarter of 2023. We will build 4 more mechanical parking lots. The expropriations on the upper and lower parts of Çiftlik Street have been completed. The demolitions took place. We will be going out to tender soon. The upper part of Çiftlik Street will have a capacity of 200 vehicles and the lower part will have a capacity of 101 vehicles. These parking lots will also be mechanical. Tops will be challenged. The expropriation works of the 2 mechanical car parks we have planned in our Canik district continue. These will also be underground. There will be a square above six parking lots.”

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who also gave information about the main city building and the municipality service building, said, “Another car park project is the Anakent Business Center. We started the demolition. We will build 3 floors of conventional car park under it. We will build a cafe and a square on top of it. This area will be the meeting point of people. We will demolish the municipality building and build a 200-car parking lot under it. There will be 2-3 storey commercial buildings on it. We found old photos of the area. It will be a bazaar with a historical texture,” he said.

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