'My Flower Swap' Application Continues in the Capital

Cicegim Exchange Application Continues in the Baskent
'My Flower Swap' Application Continues in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's "Flower Exchange" application, which provides the opportunity to exchange flowers and plants for the citizens of the Capital, continues at the metro stations. A total of 10 flowers were exchanged or maintained at the exchange stand, which started at Batıkent Metro Station and has been set up at nine stations so far.

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its "Flower Swap" application, which allows the residents of the Capital to exchange their flowers and plants and have them free of charge.

The application, the first of which was carried out at Batıkent Metro Station; While meeting with the people of Ankara at nine stations to date, a total of 10 thousand 970 flowers have been exchanged or taken care of.


The flower exchange practice, which was continued through stands set up on different dates and at different addresses, started at Eryaman 1-2 Metro Station. Residents of the region will be able to exchange or care for their flowers and plants by taking them to the station between October 31st and November 5th, 2022.

ABB Environmental Protection and Control Department Herbal Application Chief Burak Taşkesti said:

“We started our first Flower Exchange application at Batıkent Metro Station. It continued at Beşevler and Koru Metro Stations. Upon the high demand from the citizens, we opened our stand at 8 more stations. Today, it will remain open between 1 and 2 at Eryaman 10.00-18.30 Metro Station between 31 October and 5 November. We started this application with flowers that we produced ourselves. To date, we have exchanged 10 flowers and exchanged land at our ANKARAY and Metro stations.”


Citizens who came to exchange their flowers and care for their plants expressed their satisfaction with the application with the following words:

-Gülsen Gürkan: “We find the opportunity to bring our flowers in need of care here and exchange them. It has been a good application.”

-Möhreli Kaya: “This application is very nice. Any service that contributes to nature is beneficial. I'll bring my flowers and have them traded."

-Nurten Karakaya: “I had flowers at home, I brought them here and I'm going to go. It has been a great service.”

-Büşra Özder: “First of all, I would like to thank the Metropolitan for initiating such an application. It was a life-affirming work. I saw this place as I was passing by. I really liked it. I'll bring my flowers and have them taken care of."

-Burcu Doğan: “I really liked this application. I have flowers that I cannot care for and cannot heal. I am happy to see such service here. In this way, I will be able to bring my flowers back to life. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for initiating this thoughtful practice.”

-Hatice Top Yaman: “It was a very good practice to green our nature. As a plant lover, I was happy with this application. I will bring my flowers as soon as possible.”

-Ümit Özmen: “This application has been really good. We would love to see these flower stands at every station. I have flowers in my house, I will bring them and have them taken care of. I will tell my wife and friend around me as well.”

Günceleme: 01/11/2022 16:24

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