How Much Will the SSK, Bağ Kur Retirement Increase be in January 2023?

How Much Will the SSK Bag Kur Retirement Increase be in January?
How Much Will the SSK, Bağ Kur Retirement Increase be in January 2023?

Calculations of civil servants and pensioners continue to be made in the light of 4-month inflation data. 2022 months of data are left behind for the increase rate to be determined by the inflation rate for the last 6 months of 4. The pension table, which is formed towards the end of the year, will become clear with the increase in January 2023. According to the statements of President Erdoğan and Minister Bilgin, studies are carried out for the pension increase in a way that the citizens will not be crushed by inflation. 2023 January SSK, Bağ Kur pension increase will be how much, the lowest how many TL? When will the pension increase be announced? Here are the last minute developments of the pension increase…

How Much Was 2022 Retirement and Civil Servant Increase in July?

After the July hike, the pension increased by 6 percent, which is the 42,35-month inflation rate. SSK and Bağ-KUR retirees started to receive a minimum salary of 42,35 thousand 3 TL with a 500 percent increase.

Latest Situation in Inflation Figures

Inflation figures are among the factors in determining the pension increase. Recently, the latest October inflation data were announced. In October, inflation increased by 3,54 percent on a monthly basis and became 85,51 percent on an annual basis.

 2023 Retirement Increase According to Latest Inflation Rates

After the October inflation rate, the 4-month inflation rate became clear. Calculations made according to the latest inflation have started. While the pension increase rate according to 4 months is evaluated as approximately 10-11 percent, it is also predicted that the rate will increase after the social welfare regulation.

How Much Will The 2023 Retirement Salary Be?

Tax Specialist Muhammet Bayram made statements about the pension increase. Bayram said; “For civil servants and retirees, the increases will be as much as the inflation difference in the second half of the year. Although the expectation of the Central Bank has been increased from 60 percent to 65 percent, an inflation of 75 percent is waiting for us according to the expectations surveys. In other words, since 42.35 percent is taken in the first 6 months, an inflation difference of 30 percent to 35 percent will be given to our civil servants and retirees.

The lowest pension is at the level of 3 thousand 500 TL. In fact, unions demand this amount to be at the minimum wage level. However, if the minimum pension is over 3 thousand 500 TL, if there is a 30% increase, it will be 4 thousand 550 TL, if there is an increase of 35%, it will be 4 thousand 725 TL, if there is an increase of 40%, it will be 4 thousand 900 TL.

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