Pendik Floods Are History
34 Istanbul

Floods in Pendik Became History

İSKİ, the well-established institution of IMM, completed the project that will end the floods in Pendik with an investment of 360 million liras. Speaking at the ceremony held for the completion of the project, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, opposition parties in Istanbul to İSKİ [more…]

Methods to Renew You in the Summer

Methods to Refresh You in the Summer

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Seren Öztoprak Kılıç from Acıbadem Maslak Hospital explained 8 methods that will enable us to renew in the summer, and made important warnings and suggestions. Expert Clinical Psychologist Kılıç's recommendations are as follows: “Autumn and winter [more…]

Union of Historical Cities Gathered in Balikesir
10 Balikesir

Historical Cities Union Gathered in Balıkesir

The Historical Cities Union Regional Meeting was hosted by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of 3 ongoing programs in which Balıkesir is the subject; In addition to the presentations of the projects implemented, technical visits were organized to the project areas. [more…]

Cooperation Protocol for Women Agricultural Workers
06 Ankara

Cooperation Protocol for Women Agricultural Workers

The successful project, which was implemented within the scope of increasing the awareness of agricultural workers working in Eskişehir on “Women's Health” through training in 2021 with the project call of the French Embassy in Ankara, received a grant for the second time. More [more…]

Response from CHP to Hazelnut Prices

Response from CHP to Hazelnut Prices

CHP Deputy Chairman Seyit Torun stated that the producers were deceived by the hazelnut prices announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and said, “The real price of hazelnut is 54 liras, not 52 liras as Erdoğan declared. Soil Crops [more…]

Tesla Mount Everest Climbed First Electric
86 China

Tesla Becomes First Electric Car to Climb Mount Everest

We have come from the days when the performance of the electric car was questioned and it was said that this slope could not be climbed, to the times when the world's highest mountain Everest (Mount Qomolangma/Chinese) was climbed. Of course, the ever-expanding network of Tesla Superchargers made this climb possible. Tesla [more…]

Bolukbasidan's Best Performance of the Season
36 Macaristan

Best Performance of the Season by Bölükbaşı

Our national athlete Cem Bölükbaşı gave a successful performance in the 2022th leg of the 2 FIA Formula 10 World Championship, which was run on the Hungaroring track in Hungary. The young athlete entered the main race, which took place on Sunday, July 31, in the 16th. [more…]

Denizli Oil Wrestlers Staged Breathtaking Struggles
20 Denizli

Denizli Oil Wrestling Wins Golden Belt Orhan School

Denizli Oil Wrestling, organized in cooperation with Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and Pamukkale Municipality, witnessed breathtaking struggles. Cengizhan Şimşek, the last champion of Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling, in the final of the giant organization where fierce competitions took place. [more…]

Deadline for Antalya Film Forum Applications
07 Antalya

Deadline for Antalya Film Forum Applications!

Applications for the Antalya Film Forum, which will take place between 59-2 October this year, within the scope of the 6th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, which will be organized by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality with the contributions of the TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has ended. [more…]

Basmane Hotels Project Begins
35 Izmir

Basmane 'Hotels Project' Begins

In line with the goal of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer to revive the historical axis between Konak and Kadifekale, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is starting the restoration of 6 historical buildings in Basmane. With the project, the historical texture in the region will be revealed, [more…]