The Opening of the 'Gulten Akin Library' in Esenyurt took place
34 Istanbul

Inauguration of 'Gulten Akın Library' in Esenyurt

IMM President, who opened the 'Gülten Akın Library' in Esenyurt Kıraç Ekrem İmamoğlugave important messages on many issues. Emphasizing that the concept of 'crazy project', which is not human-oriented, has changed, İmamoğlu said, “Sometimes people are concerned about the concept of project. [more…]

Summer Diarrhea Can Be Dangerous

Summer Diarrhea Can Be Dangerous

Acıbadem International Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Kerim Cimm made important warnings, drawing attention to the fact that diarrhea that develops in summer should not be neglected. Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Exit made the following warnings: [more…]

Opel Special Offers for the Month of August

August Special Offers at Opel

Bringing its superior German technology together with the most contemporary designs, Opel offers affordable purchasing conditions for passenger and commercial vehicle models in August as well. Opel's bold and simple design, digital cockpit [more…]

What are the Benefits of Boggart?

What are the Benefits of Blackberry?

Expert Dietitian Mazlum Tan gave important information about the subject. The blackberry, which is from the Rosaceae family, contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, as well as vitamins A, B, C and E. It does not contain harmful cholesterol. [more…]

Akkuyu NPP Construction Works Are Continuing
33 Mersin

Is Akkuyu NPP Construction Works Continuing?

Works at Akkuyu NPP construction site continue as usual. With the decision of the reorganization of the participants in the construction works, the project management, especially the contract signed with TITAN2 IC İÇTAŞ İNŞAAT ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (T2IC). [more…]

People's Ekmege Raise in Ankara
06 Ankara

People in Ankara Raise Bread

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) announced that the retail sale price of 250 grams of bread produced in Ankara Public Bread Factory has been determined as 8 TL as of 2022 August 3. In a written statement from ABB, each [more…]

Countdown Has Started For TransAnatolia
31 Hatay

Countdown Has Started for TransAnatolia

Organized with the support of the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation TOSFED and the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency TGA, TransAnatolia, in its 12th year, started in Hatay on August 2.500 with a race route of 20 km and ended in Eskişehir on August 27. [more…]

Nutrition Tips for Your Intensive Work Life

Nutrition Tips for Busy Work Life

Dietician Çağla Aytaç gave important information about the subject. In the busy and fast-paced business life, most people put themselves in the background. In fact, practical thinking, which is an indispensable part of business life.. Fast and right at the right time. [more…]