Cooling Works for the Lovely Residents of Tarsus Nature Park

Refreshing Work for the Lovely Residents of Tarsus Nature Park
Cooling Works for the Lovely Residents of Tarsus Nature Park

With its unique beauty and the diversity of tens of species of animals it contains, cooling processes are applied to the cute creatures in the Tarsus Nature Park, which is affiliated to the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department, which hosts thousands of people every year, so that they are not affected by the increasing air temperature in recent days.

Especially ring-tailed lemurs, baboons, spider monkeys and bears, which are among the interesting animals of Tarsus Nature Park, are given iced fruit or frozen food prepared in the form of cocktails.

Animals also enter pools

Tarsus Nature Park teams water pony horses with hoses, especially at noon, which is the hottest hour of the day, while cooling lions, wolves and similar animals with sprinkler systems. Bears, deer or many other animals also enjoy cooling off in special pools.

“They both play games and cool off”

Tarsus Nature Park Biologist Yılmaz Ölmez said, “Due to the increasing temperatures, we try to cool some of our animal species by giving them chilled fruit cocktails and adding water to some animal species with fountains in order to relax and cool them. We give our icy berries to our monkeys, lemurs, and bears. While they are looking for the fruits hidden in the ice, they are both playing games and cooling off. We try to cool our ponies and wolves with fountain water. We also cool our more predatory animals such as tigers and lions by filling water pools.”

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