Electric Vehicles Now Transfer Their Energy to the Grid

Electric Vehicles Now Transfer Their Energy to the Grid
Electric Vehicles Now Transfer Their Energy to the Grid

V2G (Vehicle to Grid) or V2X (Vehicle to Everything) technology has started to enter our living spaces day by day and become a business model. In particular, vehicles such as electric buses and electric trucks, which have higher battery capacities than automobiles, are able to transmit their energy back to the grid. The USA is evaluating this technology in electric buses used in some schools in San Diego.

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) Cajon Valley Union School District has begun testing vehicle-to-grid electricity transmission with 8 electric school buses. The main purpose of the testing process is to help stabilize the grid and reduce costs during times of high electricity demand during the day and when the electricity supply can struggle to cope. Then, charging the electric school buses at the end of the day or during the hours when the demand drops is being developed as a method.

The pilot project will last for 5 years. For the project, “SDG&E installed six 60kW bi-directional DC fast chargers at the Cajon Valley Union bus site.

In fact, the critical situation here is that, similarly for end-user or school buses, our vehicles are parked with approximately 95% of their daily schedule. When these vehicles are charged with a large-scale battery, this actually presents a tremendous energy storage opportunity.

SDG&E states: “Electric fleets represent a vast and innovative source of energy storage and have the potential to benefit our customers and society not only environmentally but also financially and economically.” says.

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