Akın from CHP: The Price of Natural Gas in Electricity Production Increased by 1 Percent in the Last 567 Year

CHP's Akin Electricity Production Natural Gas Price Increased Percent In The Last Year
CHP Akın Electricity Generation Natural Gas Price Increased 1 Percent in the Last 567 Year

CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın; Stating that the 10 percent increase in the natural gas used in electricity production is a sign that the winter is a very harsh night, he said, “During the harsh winter conditions of the AK Party government, our citizens will experience dark days again. Natural gas hikes will not stop, unfortunately. The 10% increase in electricity production is the harbinger of electricity hikes and subsequent hikes from needle to thread,” he said.

CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın reminded that the natural gas used in electricity generation is 2021 thousand 2 TL per thousand cubic meters of natural gas in the tariff determined by BOTAŞ for electricity generation in August 60. Pointing out that BOTAŞ has increased a thousand cubic meters of natural gas used for electricity generation to 2022 thousand 13 TL in the August 750 tariff, CHP's Ahmet Akın said, "This one-year increase rate of 567 percent in the last year is an indicator of where the AK Party government is dragging Turkey. . They are trying to manage energy with an energy policy that is unplanned and connected to Russia. Those who cannot manage energy cannot manage the economy. Therefore, he cannot rule Turkey. Turkey is not governed, it is being swept away,” he said.

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