EGİAD Gathered Under the Title of Sustainability

We have to complete sustainable development goals by the year
We have to complete sustainable development goals by the year

Acting within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to increase the awareness and impact of the business world on sustainable development, EGİAD Aegean Young Business People Association came together with its members under the title of Sustainability to present a roadmap in this field. Guest speaker of the meeting was Mazars Denge CEO and Sustainability Ambassador, TÜSİAD Entrepreneurship and Youth Roundtable Vice President Dr. İzel Levi became Coşkun.

EGİADBy taking the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into its charter, it officialized its activities in this field again, breaking a new ground. Accordingly, by adopting the principles of "Eliminating poverty, protecting our planet, dealing with economic inequality, supporting industrialization, technological progress and responsible production, balancing sustainable consumption and ensuring that all people live in peace and prosperity", and by recommending its members to act in accordance with these objectives succeeded. In this context, its first activity was "Sustainability So Why?" accomplished by title EGİADdiscussed the sustainable development agenda with business community stakeholders. Known for his research in sustainable development, Dr. İzel Levi Coşkun said, “For sustainability, institutions should not only consider their own interests. The benefit of the whole system must be considered. Sustainability can only be achieved in this way ”gave the message.

Our Route of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The opening speech of the event, based on the United Nations' global call to action to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity for all people. EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Yelkenbiçer, stating that sustainability is an indispensable element of the social structure and the business world, drew attention to a point where nobody can turn away from the environment, sharing, recycling, responsible production and responsible consumption. EGİADEmphasizing that they act with the necessity of fulfilling their pioneering role as a young organization, Yelkenbiçer said, “It is imperative that we make sustainable values ​​our route in order to continue the operation in a holistic manner and to fulfill our responsibility to future generations. We need to put forward the steps we need to take to reach a more livable world. Sustainable Development Goals; It includes the goals of ending poverty, combating inequality and injustice, and tackling climate change around the world by 2030. Unless we can achieve development in every field, it does not seem possible for us to secure economic growth and sustainability. We too EGİAD Ş., we aim to spread the Sustainable Development Goals to the whole society by starting from the smallest unit, person, business world and our companies. "We will be following these issues during the 2 years we are in management."

We Must Stop Managing the Present by Borrowing from the Future

Reminding that the issue of sustainability was in the “wish and wishes” part of the world agenda 10 years ago, Yelkenbiçer emphasized that sustainability is the main agenda item for everyone with Covid 19, and said, “We can supply everything we need from the market 100 meters away, which works like a machine, whenever we want. The days when we could go wherever we wanted ended in an instant. From the point of view of companies, while we could find everything we need for production on the internet and import them from all over the world, the taps were turned off. We remembered the importance of the local, the national economy and, more importantly, the "vital resources" such as water, agriculture and health. Covid 19 has also brought us to a major confrontation point. Now we need to act on values, not costs. While making our decisions, we first consider the health of our employees. An era has to begin, where we will now call our "partners" rather than "our suppliers and customers". Because we live in the same ecosystem and we need each other more than ever today. We have a duty to “benefit of the whole”, social development, strengthening the local and solidarity. It is not to consume our resources by looking at values, but to re-use them into the economy. kazanWe have to adopt the climbing approach. We need to stop managing the present by borrowing from the future; The steps we take should not darken the future of our children!” said.

Covid Gives SOS Signal to Humanity

Mazars Denge CEO and Sustainability Ambassador, TÜSİAD Entrepreneurship and Youth Roundtable Vice President Dr. İzel Levi Coşkun drew attention to the difficult period under pandemic conditions and said, “In this process, we realized how critical leadership is and how much societies need trusting leaders. Covid is giving an SOS signal to humanity. Will we be able to leave our comfort areas and change our consumption habits? Can we say, not me? Or will we go back to the old normal ways of doing business that put the whole world into a total depression? NGOs have a balancing role here. Especially for institutions EGİAD NGOs such as NGOs need to shed light and guide their stakeholders for a more sustainable future. From now on, we need a much more inclusive business world where non-financial as well as non-financial data are important. Institutions need to transform from a structure where they maximize their own interests and aim to continuously increase their profits through growth, to a structure where they also care for the interests of society and the environment, and balance their financial returns with their environmental and social effects. We may know very well how to measure financially. However, in every step we take from now on, in every decision we take, to make measurements on issues that affect the society such as carbon emissions, energy consumption, water consumption, education, reducing inequalities, quality, ethics, peace and justice, leaving our area of ​​influence to future generations a more livable world. we have to return it to positive on behalf of it. What we are doing now is as important as what we do. Because our time is very limited. Placing the topic of sustainability at the top of its agenda and shaping its vision with this perspective EGİADI congratulate him for his approach and wish him to set an example for other NGOs that steer the business world ”.

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