Sanko Schools Students Developed Coronavirus Sensory Test Device

sanko schools students develop coronavirus sensory test device
sanko schools students develop coronavirus sensory test device

SANKO Schools students have developed a reliable, low-cost, artificial neural network test that can be used by people with suspected Covid-19 disease before going to hospitals and having a PCR or antibody test.

SANKO Science and Technology High School (FTL) 9th grade student Ece Güner, SANKO College 11th grade student Çiçek Dilara Kaya and SANKO FTL 11th grade student Elif Nida Tahaoğlu, under the guidance of project advisors Özgül Güner and Neriman Ersönmez 19 He achieved a great success by developing “Sensory Test Device Developed by New Generation Artificial Neural Network Modeling in Detection”.

Özgül Güner, one of the advisors of the project, said that the developed test; He said that Covid-19 disease was prepared by making use of the changes in the sense of smell, taste and amylase enzyme activity in saliva.

Results will be seen in a very short time

Güner stated that the odor and taste discrimination test, odor and taste recognition test and amylase activity test in saliva were performed on 100 healthy subjects in the study, and gave the following information about the test developed:

“Our students developed software thinking that Covid-19 disease might increase the amylase activity in saliva and reduce their sense of smell and taste, and the results were transferred to the artificial neural network in this direction. Later, a device prototype was prepared where people can apply the test and see the results. According to artificial intelligence data, a new generation test device has been designed where people can see the results obtained from their smell, taste and saliva on the device screen, and the results of 'go to the nearest health institution, negative or positive', in a very short time.

In the Covid-19 test, which was designed according to the results of the experiment, which enables the understanding of the changes in the smell, taste and saliva enzymes of the people, the senses that people do not realize before the intense symptoms such as cough, fever, weakness and joint pain that do not occur in the first four or five days of the disease. losses and saliva activities were used. Thus, we have developed a local and economical sensory test device that can be applied before resorting to other high-cost tests, which helps to reduce the stress of uncertainty caused by suspicious situations. "

Neriman Ersönmez, the other consultant teacher of the project, said that the speed of 'Artificial Intelligence' technologies kazanEmphasizing that their biggest goal is to introduce their students to this technology and to enable them to produce in this period, he said, "For this reason, by adding artificial intelligence technology in many of the projects we produce, we enable students to both increase the quality of their studies and improve themselves."

Ersönmez, by using artificial intelligence in the detection of the disease caused by the Covid-19 virus, creating a database that can be used in international and laboratories before going to high-cost and very complex devices, creating a new generation standardization scale and presenting this new model to the literature. kazanHe said they intended to climb.

Students' views

Emphasizing that they are proud of signing an important project that will contribute to the fight against the global epidemic in the presence of their advisors, Ece Güner said, “We aimed to develop a test where people can get easier results at home as an alternative to painful tests such as PCR and antibodies, and we succeeded. Stating that they have completed, Çiçek Dilara Kaya said, “We wanted to develop a faster and less costly test. When starting the project, it was important for every person to test and be available. The test we have developed is not only fast, but also provides a great economic advantage ”.

Pointing out that they are continuing to work to develop the project, Elif Nida Tahaoğlu shared the following: “We wanted to develop a device to resolve the suspicion that I had contact with any positive case during the day or if I caught Covid-19. The test, which we developed with the support of our advisors, offers great advantages in terms of both cost and fast results. "

"Covidien-19 Detection of New Generation Artificial Neural Network Sensory Tester Enhanced With Modeling" project by TUBITAK 52 High School Students Research Projects ECA Day is the first in the Regional Competition, Flower Dilara Kaya and Elif Nida Tahaoğlu, 24- May 28 date in will be held Turkey finals in Turkey will compete for the first place.

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