Agriculture Izmir in Turkey Becomes Inspiration

Izmir agriculture is going to inspire me turkiyede
Izmir agriculture is going to inspire me turkiyede

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerİzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to develop rural development on the basis of cooperatives, to use water resources efficiently with the right agricultural practices, and to transform the city into a world brand in agriculture, has supported agriculture and animal husbandry in every field in the last two years, with the strategy of İzmir Agriculture born from the understanding of "Another Agriculture is Possible".

Over 340 million lira was purchased from producer cooperatives, domestic seeds and domestic animal breeds were highlighted, and buffalo breeding was revived. In order to reduce the feed costs of the farmer, the feed support project started, improvement works were carried out on the lowland road of 850 kilometers to free the agricultural land from dust and mud.

special a place for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in different support for the agricultural sector in Turkey municipality directly while putting contribute to the development of a hand in the economy through purchases of agricultural development cooperatives, as well as providing the manufacturer's regular income to obtain other hand, in both the consumer safe food to arrive.

Placing the products purchased from the producer cooperatives in the city in the tens of thousands of food packages prepared for the low-income families in İzmir, the Metropolitan Municipality supported the farmers and producers in every field from seed to sapling, from machine to food. The number of cooperatives with which product purchase contracts were signed in the last two years has exceeded 60, and the product range has expanded. Purchases from producer cooperatives exceeded 340 million lira.

Domestic and national agricultural policy

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the 6-stage Izmir Agriculture strategy, which emerged from the understanding of "Another Agriculture is Possible", basin-based studies started. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who said that their aim is to increase welfare by fighting drought and poverty. Tunç Soyer“Agriculture and livestock should be compatible with climate and geographical features; should feed each other. Natural, quality products should be produced and sold. Side income areas such as tourism should be created. İzmir Agriculture will implement a domestic and national agriculture with this cycle. A lot of yield will be obtained with less irrigation. Small cattle breeding will develop. Olives, olive oil, meat and dairy products will be produced; It will be packaged, branded and marketed to the world.”

The peasant will be entitled to his sweat

Stating that they will continue to support the producer until the end, Soyer said, “We want your children to continue earning their bread where they live, in the land they work in. Our ancestor said, 'The peasant is the lord of the nation'. We will continue this struggle until we make the peasant the lord of the nation. On the one hand, we are eliminating the infrastructural deficiencies, on the other hand, we are mobilizing an agricultural policy that will make our producers their hard work from the local ”.

New facilities and material support

With the support of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the production infrastructure of the producer cooperatives has been strengthened in the last two years. The first of the product purchasing centers, which include weighbridge, grading and cold air units, was established in Tire. "Honey Packaging and Processing Facility" was put into service in Kemalpaşa Dereköy. State-of-the-art agricultural machinery such as planting, fertilizer spreader and milk cooling tanks were donated to producer cooperatives. 5 thousand 500 producers benefited from the common agricultural machinery parks established in the districts. Farmer trainings were organized. The first of Can Yücel Seed Center, which was established in Seferihisar in 2011, the second was opened in Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreation Area. 12 new animal drinking water ponds were built, maintenance and expansion work of 73 animal drinking water ponds was completed. Material support was provided to modernize the irrigation infrastructure of 4 irrigation cooperatives in Karaburun, Menderes, Menemen and Ödemiş. Construction of Yahşibey Irrigation Pond Drip Irrigation Facility, which will provide agricultural irrigation water to Yahşibey and Bademli neighborhoods with an investment of 15 million lira, is underway. Preparations for establishing a Milk Processing in Bayındır, an Integrated Meat Facility in Ödemiş, a fruit and vegetable drying and packaging facility in Bergama have started.

Milk for 156 thousand 300 children

Providing significant support to milk and livestock activities in the city with the "Milk Lamb" project, Metropolitan expanded the project in 2020 districts of the city in 30. Over 156 million liters of milk were distributed to 300 children. Support of over 28 million lira was provided to milk producers.

Karakılçık wheat returned to the plains of İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has brought together the disappearing local seed charcoal wheat with the fertile soil of Izmir, planted and harvested nearly a thousand decares of Karakilcik wheat in 2020 districts in 13. Metropolitan not only in Izmir, Turkey in different cities and towns, also continues to support the work of local seeds in Cyprus. Distributing 134 native races Anatolian buffaloes in Selçuk, Bergama, Kınık and Tire, Büyükşehir accelerated its efforts to revive the extinction buffalo breeding and make İzmir mozerella a world brand. 253 small cattle were distributed in Beydağ, Kemalpaşa, Aliağa, Torbalı and Kiraz. Improvement work was carried out on the 850 kilometers long plain road in order to save the agricultural land from mud in winter and dust in summer.

Feed support project started

Metropolitan also commissioned the feed support project in 2020 to reduce the input costs of the producer. Lamb raising and milk feed were distributed to producers in Aliağa, Bornova, Buca, Kınık and Kiraz. 19 million kilograms of feed support will be provided in 75 districts with a resource of 25 million lira. In order to encourage the cultivation of climate-friendly fodder crops, 118 villagers and farmers were supported with hungarian vetch, fodder peas and milkweed seeds, and the production of climate-friendly fodder plants started on an area of ​​approximately one thousand decares. More than 2 thousand soil analyzes were carried out, producers were guided towards scientific and more efficient agricultural practices.

People's Grocery reached 8 branches

The third of the local producer markets that President Soyer opened in Kadifekale and Kültürpark with the aim of bringing producers and consumers together without intermediaries was established in Buca. The People's Bakkalı project, which was initiated with the aim of bringing the products produced through cooperatives to citizens, reached 8 branches in a year. People's Grocery, Turkey, about 27 kinds of products produced by 300 cooperatives from various cities brought together by the people. People's Bakka brought together the citizens who need to be supported and those who want to help them by enabling the sale of necessity packages during the pandemic and earthquake process. Within the scope of the preparations for the Terra Madre Anatolia event to be held in Izmir in 2022, awareness studies on domestic production started.

Over 1 million fruit and vegetable saplings distributed

Metropolitan has created new production areas in the city for the species that are about to disappear by providing seedling, flower bulbs and agricultural consultancy services to the producers who want to grow salep, narcissus and lavender. 437 calendula bulbs were distributed in Karaburun, 500 salep tubers in Tire and Urla, and 100 lavender seedlings in Kemalpaşa, Menemen and Buca. Metropolitan, which distributed 40 million 1 thousand olive and fruit saplings obtained from cooperatives in two years, also gave 200 thousand 923 beehives and beekeeping materials to 5 villagers and farmers.

The “Efeler Yolu” project, which will make significant contributions to the utilization of the tourism potential of Küçük Menderes Basin, was initiated. The project consists of hiking and excursion routes that will connect 29 mountain and plateau villages.

Support for producers affected by fire and flood

Cash support was provided to 2019 producers in Seferihisar and Menderesli, whose cultivated lands were damaged in the great forest fire that occurred in August 219, according to the damage assessment rates. 247 tons of worm manure was distributed to 75 producers in order to improve their production areas. By allocating a resource of 11 million lira, the suffering of the producers whose cultivated lands and agricultural lands were damaged in the flood was eliminated.

Pests fought

Technical DAP, burgundy slurry and pheromone traps were distributed to a total of 22 villagers and farmers from 185 rural neighborhoods of Aliağa, Selçuk, Menderes, Bayındır, Karaburun, Foça and Seferihisar to be used against pests and diseases. It has also started the distribution of combat sets consisting of bluestone, juniper tar, protective glasses and disinfectant materials to a total of 47 chestnut producers from the districts of Metropolitan, Ödemiş, Kiraz, Beydağ and Tire, which will fight against chestnut cancer basin-based in 2 rural neighborhoods. The project for the collection of pesticide packaging waste, which poses serious threats to the environment and public health, started from Menderes. 112 thousand 16 producers benefited from agricultural forecasting and early warning systems, approximately 708 thousand SMS notifications were made against meteorological risks.

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