Work to Begin for railway transport plan to the Persian Gulf Turkey

turkiyede the Persian Gulf will lead to railway began work on the studies
turkiyede the Persian Gulf will lead to railway began work on the studies

After negotiations between Turkey and Iraq began to arrive concrete steps. The railway, which will reach Ovaköy Border Gate and the Persian Gulf, is expected to contribute significantly to the commercial relations between the two countries.

According to the report of Turan Salcı from Sputniknews; “Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazımi's visit to Ankara after the invitation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accelerated the projects between the two countries.

During the interview, when discussing the latest situation Ovaköy'de border gate of Turkey for the opening of the railway project will bring news of the Persian Gulf, the Iraqi Transport Minister Nasser came from Bender.

On 20 December, Baghdad restoration of the railway linking Mosul and from there to Turkey, so extending the project began the first work expresses Bender, the real big step in the project, located in the Persian Gulf El Favor Port in Turkey He expressed that the stage of connecting was formed.

Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) of Turkey-Iraq Business Council Chairman Emin Taha and the Middle East Research Center (ORSAM) Iraq Study Coordinator Bilgay Duman was to evaluate the details of the Sputnik.

'I told the subject of Ovaköy to al-Kazımi'

Ovaköy'de Border Gate spoken since the 90s stated that the Turkey-Iraq Business Council of DEIK Chairman Emin Taha, said that the Turkish government is committed to this work is currently being completed.

Taha said that the Habur Border Gate alone was insufficient in increasing the business volume, and told Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazımi about the Ovaköy issue during his Ankara visit. Taha said, “What matters to us is the interests and interests of our country. I hope our government will solve this with the Iraqi government, ”he added.

Expressing that the railroad was active with Iraq until 2011 and reached Iraq via Syria, Taha said that this line was cut with the outbreak of the war. Taha stated that it is planned to establish a rail system and to open a highway directly over Iraq with the Ovaköy Border Gate, and that this will contribute to commercial relations.

'Trade volume reached 10 billion dollars in the first 17 months'

existing Bilgay from ORSAM Duman since the Ottoman era, but the recent restoration of the war-torn Baghdad railway and stressed the importance of Basra'yl combining "between Turkey and Iraq are currently active in only one border crossing. This railway in the trade between Turkey and Iraq will not contribute to the level expected. There was a trade volume target of 2020 billion dollars for the year 20. As of the first 10 months of this year, it reached 17 billion dollars. Despite economic difficulties and pandemic conditions, it seems possible to increase it to $ 18-19 billion by the end of the year. This line will allow both to improve the trade volume between Turkey and Iraq and the easier domestic trade in Iraq. "

'Ovaköy will benefit the development of Iraqi Turkmens'

Turkey has long been working on the Basra expressing smoke, he recalled that the Embassy of Turkey in Basra reopen. Turkey, the Persian Gulf with this line; He said that it will be easier to open to the Middle East and South Asia markets.

Ovaköy'de the opening of Turkey's border gate of Habur Border Gate underlined that the complete smoke, "Turkey is passing through a single port in northern Iraq. Occasional disruptions of the developments in northern Iraq, although Turkey has never closing the Habur. Mosul, a door will be opened to be direct, as well as trade will also increase communication between Turkey and Turkmen. "It will also help the development of Iraqi Turkmens."

Duman also emphasized that finding a solution to the Sinjar issue is necessary for the Ovaköy gate.

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