İskenderun Port The Largest Opponent of Mersin Port

Iskenderun port is the biggest competitor of Mersin port.
Iskenderun port is the biggest competitor of Mersin port.

Turkey's Mersin Port overtake one of the most important doors opening to the world the last 10 years Iskenderun port management, stood attacks in the Southeast!

Taking over the operating right of TCDD İskenderun Port for 2012 years in 36, LimakPort has completely designed and built İskenderun Port. The port, named LimakPort, is one of the most modern and largest container terminals of the Eastern Mediterranean, with an annual handling capacity of 1 million TEU. Increasing its capacity with each passing day, İskenderun Port has become the biggest competitor of Mersin Port.

Halil Delibaş, who served as Deputy Secretary General at Mersin Chamber of Maritime Commerce (MDTO), drew attention to the rise of Iskenderun Port with an article he published in the media organ of the room, "Mersin Maritime Trade Magazine".

Delbaş pointed out that there was a deviation in 2007 targets due to the economic crisis in Mersin Port, which was privatized first among TCDD ports with the 'Transfer of Operating Rights' method for 36 years in 12 and operated by MIP for 2023 years.


Iskenderun Port is determined to continue its rise. Iskenderun Port, which has ended the Mersin Port as the gateway of Anatolia to the world, continues its attack to expand its customer portfolio as a new alternative.

Finally, Limakport İskenderun organized an introductory meeting in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region in Mardin. A large number of business people, logistics companies and international transportation companies participated in the meeting, which was held with intense participation. In the meeting, besides providing information about the features of İskenderun Limakport, its advantages over Mersin Port, the services it offers for the Iraqi transit and financial advantages, the regional commercial development plan was discussed.

Speaking at the meeting, General Director Alexander Limakport Arısoy Day, Habur Border gate to the nearest harbor to Turkey and renovated with a large investment Limakport told Iskenderun Port of commercial advantages.

Arısoy said, “It has the advantage of 15 percent lower agency local costs, longer free time to shift, more convenient CFS (Transfer) costs and 129 km closer to Habur Border Gate than Mersin,” he said.


Limakport Iskenderun Port Deputy General Manager Mehmet Unlu stated that the port was taken over 8 years ago and an investment of 750 million dollars was made. You will learn that you can get services from the port at least 1 dollars less per container than Mersin. It is our first priority to increase Iraqi transit in Limakport Iskenderun port. Choosing İskenderun Port instead of Mersin will offer much more attractive opportunities for you in terms of both time, space and cost. ” (Gift Eroğlu /the Mersinhaberc)

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