Thursday Aktaş Beach Becomes New Favorite of Tourism

persembe aktas beach becomes the new favorite of tourism
persembe aktas beach becomes the new favorite of tourism

In order to create an important destination for coastal tourism in Ordu, Aktaş Beach, which was re-designed by the Metropolitan Municipality to meet the need, continues uninterruptedly.

Aktaş Beach, which has a great potential with its nature and unique identity, will be renewed and a modern restaurant project will be implemented within the scope of the Thursday District Aktaş Beach Restaurant Project, which is carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Survey and Projects.


Expressing that an investment that has long been anticipated for years will come to life with the project, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Coşkun Alp pointed out that everything is considered in the project that will meet the needs of citizens.

General Secretary Alp said: “Within the scope of the project, a restaurant project built with a single-storey wooden construction system of 283 m² will be implemented. Indoor and semi-outdoor dining areas, a winter garden with a medium fireplace, a classic fire fireplace in the open area, a children's playroom, a stage, male and female WCs, a disabled WC, 1 baby care room The restaurant, which includes a kitchen section, 2 storage areas, staff WC and preparation rooms, will fill an important deficiency in the district. Within the scope of the works, the basic production of the restaurant was completed, the basic filling started. Stone wall fabrication has been completed. Field filling and regulation works continue. Thursday's attraction will increase even more with this project ”


For the studies, President Dr. Thanking Mehmet Hilmi Güler and his team, Thursday Mayor Mustafa Sayım Tandoğan stated that the area, which has been idle for years, will have a beautiful appearance and contribute to tourism.

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