Great Interest in Animal Care Hotel in Ordu

Great Interest in the Animal Hotel in the Army
Great Interest in the Animal Hotel in the Army

Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Great acceleration with each passing day with Mehmet Hilmi Güler's projects for animal husbandry. kazanAnimal husbandry is made easy and practical in Ordu.

“Animal Care Hotel and Cow Rental Center”, which was opened with the initiative of Mayor Güler in Mesudiye district about a year ago, makes the breeders smile. The hotel, with a capacity of 200 cattle, provides great convenience to citizens who come to the city or live outside the province and have no place to leave their animals. The cattle that are fed and insured in this hotel, where the breeders leave their cattle during the winter months, are taken back when requested by the citizens, and at the same time, people who want to buy animals can rent cattle from here. Products such as gilik cheese, tulum cheese, cottage cheese and butter obtained from the milk of the animals cared in the hotel are also brought together with the citizens at the local products sales units located in the cable car sub-station in Altınordu district.


Stating that the facility, which was established to make animal husbandry easy and practical, will be expanded throughout Ordu, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “Here we take care of our animals, feed them, and deliver them to their owners in spring. At the same time, we can rent animals to our citizens who want cattle.

Mayor Güler continued his words as follows: “In our Mesudiye district, animal owners could not be able to take care of their animals either because the winter was coming or because they lived outside the province. We established a center in Mesudiye to eliminate this problem. Here we take care of our animals, feed them and deliver them to their owners in spring. At the same time, we can rent animals to our citizens who want cattle. Apart from this, we also rent it to our citizens who need milk here in the summer, want to love animals, and want to meet their lives with them. We will increase the number of these facilities, which we opened to make animal husbandry easy and practical, throughout the province.


Stating that the care hotel was opened in order to prevent the sale of animals in winter, Mesudiye Mayor İsa Gül said, “Our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. We started Mehmet Hilmi Güler Bey's Thinking, Producing, Racing Army model in our Mesudiye district. We struggled to implement such a project together. Since our citizens could not find a place to look after their animals, they gave their animals very cheaply. "We opened our animal care hotel to prevent these," he said.


Facility Manager Murat Güneysu, who stated that the animals that are cared for and fed are also transformed into value-added products, said, “This facility was created with the initiatives of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and Mesudiye Municipality. We are currently looking at 170 animals here. Here, we do all the care and feeding of the animals delivered by the citizens. We also use the milk of animals. We both buy milk from outside and use it in our business by expressing the milk of our own animals. "We turn them into cheese, curd, butter," he said.


Stating that they did not have to sell their animals with the facility opened, Mesudiye breeders said, “We had to sell our animals while coming to the center in winter. In the summer, we were taking it back expensive. We left our animals here with this facility, we are very happy. This facility has provided us a great convenience in this sense. God bless the one who opened this place. We thank our Mayor of Mesudiye, Mr. Isa Bey, especially our Metropolitan Mayor Hilmi Güler ”.

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