TOGG Domestic Automobile Factory Will Provide Employment For 5 People

togg domestic car factory to provide employment for a thousand people
togg domestic car factory to provide employment for a thousand people

Turkey came the breaking news about the domestic automakers. 5 thousand people are employed in the good news. Turkey's Yapi Merkezi car's boss, who will make the construction of the factory tOGGer Arıoğlu awesome, "We are starting construction in January. We will provide employment to a total of 5 thousand people ”.

Turkey's countdown for the production of tOGGer driving the car, was thrown more signatures for an important phase. Yapı Merkezi, one of the leading companies in the Turkish contracting industry, will carry out the superstructure construction of the factory's Gemlik Facility. Başar Arıoğlu, Chairman of Yapı Merkezi Board of Directors, From SABAH to Feride Cem Turkey's vision of a factory building project made the assessment that said it was a great honor for them to implement. Stating that they will work in harmony with the partners of the project and complete the process within the targeted time, Arıoğlu said: “In the project, which is of great importance for our country, it was our chance to build a technological building. This means great reputation for us. There is a process set there. We will make the building suitable for that process and deliver it on time. 16 companies participated in the tender held electronically, and we were the winner. "


Stating that the work will start immediately in January, Arıoğlu said, “Our team has been very well organized. We will start the investment immediately. In the first stage, parts such as dining halls and dormitories that employees will use will be implemented ”. Noting that the investment will contribute greatly to employment, Arıoğlu gave the following information: “During the peak period of construction, 1.500 people will work at the same time. On average, 900 people will work. In the total process, the said investment will provide employment to 5 people. "


Stating that they have an important experience in technological building construction despite being perceived as an infrastructure company, Arıoğlu said, “We have shopping center experience with 212 and Marmara Forum. We also built a pharmaceutical factory for Novartis and Roche. In addition, we built the Four Seasons hotel, ”he said. Stating that they have entered the tender process for the factory to be built by BMW in Hungary at the beginning of 2020, Arıoğlu gave the following information: “During the preparation process, we gained a serious experience with the factory where electric vehicles will be produced. That project has stopped due to the pandemic, but we are still following it. This facility will be a serious reference for us in that tender. "


Finally tOGGer the construction work of the factory building of production facilities at Gemlik undertake Building Center, a firm that signed many important projects in Turkey. The world's seafood company engaged in highway tunnel that passes under the first two floors feature that the contractor carrying Eurasia, Turkey's pride Bridge project from 1915 is among the investors. Arıoğlu informed that the Yerköy-Sivas High Speed ​​Line Project investment, which is still ongoing, will end at the end of January.


Yapı Merkezi, which is ranked 20th in the 'ENR 2020 - Top 250 International Contracting Companies List' published on August 78, and 182nd in the global list, is currently implementing important projects in 9 countries. Stating that their annual turnover is over $ 1 billion, Başar Arıoğlu said, “85 percent of our turnover comes from our international projects. We are a company that concentrates on rail, tunnel and bridges in infrastructure. Our railway investments continue in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal and Saudi Arabia. "The size of our project in Tanzania is 2.5 billion dollars, and the one in Ethiopia is 1.7 billion dollars." (Source: Sabah)



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