Good News of Metro and Commuter to the People of Konya!

subway and subway station to konyali
subway and subway station to konyali

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay, who was a guest in the Capital Backstage Program presented by Mehmet Acet on Kanal 7 Television, mentioned important projects in the live broadcast and gave the people of Konya the good news of metro and suburban areas.

Stating that in the program, one of the duties of the municipality is to provide social support to people in difficulty, Mayor Altay expressed that they have supported citizens who have had difficulties during the pandemic process, along with the families they have given social support from the past. Emphasizing that they have been trying to provide all kinds of support to the people of Konya since the first day of the pandemic, Mayor Altay said, “First of all, we provided social assistance to everyone who applied to us. We did not refuse anyone who applied to us. In coordination with our district municipalities, we provided social assistance of 134 million TL to approximately 49 thousand families who applied to us. On the one hand, we continue to help the people we helped before the pandemic. We have aids especially for orphans, orphans and relatives of martyrs, and we regularly help 10 thousand students. We also provided 6.5 million lira for them. " said.


Metro and Suburban projects are one of the most important agendas of Konya. Konya Metro is delayed due to the pandemic, but we hope it will start before the New Year. It is the highest tender ever held in terms of Konya history. Our fellow countrymen do not worry, we are following it, but Konya will receive an investment of 11 billion lira. I hope we will bring the 118 km ring road to our Konya.


Underlining that many people who were unemployed in the first wave of the pandemic were given a moral support to continue their lives again, Mayor Altay said: “Now, we are conducting a study with our Union of Chambers of Crafts regarding the new process. In particular, we are working on tradesmen whose workplaces have been closed. In the first wave of the pandemic, we did not receive the 2-month rental fee of all our tradesmen who closed their workplaces. In addition, we did not collect the water bills of our citizens who were unemployed because their workplaces were closed or their businesses were closed for 2 months. We made the water of all our tradesmen free for 2 months. Now we are preparing a new support package for professional groups such as canteens, servants, drivers and coffee houses. Konya is a city where communication is very high and the habit of working together is high. For this reason, we continue to provide social assistance in all our districts together with our chambers of tradesmen so that our people can overcome this process harmlessly and that their vaccines boil in their homes. "


Mayor Altay pointed out that many citizens, especially those working with minimum wage and whose workplaces are closed, have great problems and said, “The services of the municipality are not only paving, paving, building roads; To support our people in difficult times. We are trying to fulfill this to the fullest. In December, we will provide cash assistance to our tradesmen such as service drivers, waiters, canteens and coffee shops. Our Union of Chambers of Tradesmen is currently switching to the registration system in our relevant chambers. We plan to provide cash assistance of 500 lira per month in December and January. " he spoke.


Mayor Altay also gave the good news of a very special project they are working on on live broadcast. Mayor Altay stated that they will carry out a greenhouse cultivation project with 50 families that have production capability among the families they continuously support and said, “I hope we are creating a system where we will explain the production in 50 greenhouses established by our Metropolitan Municipality where we will train these 150 families in the first year. From the second year on, we will produce 50 percent support for these families, with a guaranteed purchase. Thus, as the municipality, we will meet all the needs of the products they produce, but we will guarantee the purchase of all the products they produce. We are actually moving to a system where we teach them how to fish. 50 families will be included in this system every year. Thus, both our people will produce and they will be saved from receiving social aid. I think this is an important model for Turkey. Hopefully, we will provide a support to the agricultural production of Konya and we will create a system that will meet the needs of our municipality and as a result of our meetings with local brands in Konya in the Organized Industrial Greenhouse region we will establish. I hope the families will reach an income level at the end of the third year that they will no longer feel to receive social assistance. " made the explanation.


Konya has 550 km of bicycle path. The number that will rank in the world. Bicycle tram is a vehicle that can be used by 21 cyclists only. We create parking spaces for cyclists in all our parking lots. By creating new tourism spots, we want the tourists coming to get to know our city on bicycles.

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