Santa Farma Crowned Its Environmental Production With Zero Waste Certificate

Santa Farma Cevreci has its production with a zero waste certificate.
Santa Farma Cevreci has its production with a zero waste certificate.

Santa Farma's modern production facility in Gebze, which started production at the end of 2015, received a Zero Waste Certificate.

The production facility of Santa Farma, Turkey's 75-year-old and strong domestic pharmaceutical company, located in Kocaeli Gebze V (Chemistry) Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (GEBKİM OSB), is entitled to receive the Zero Waste Certificate given by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. kazanwas.

Adopting environmental awareness as an institution, Santa Farma İlaç Sanayi A.Ş. has officially registered its importance and sensitivity to the environment by obtaining the Zero Waste Certificate thanks to its successful environmental policy.

Zero Waste Certificate; First of all, it is given to institutions, organizations and local administrations that form their own working team on zero waste, establish a separate collection system of recyclable wastes specified in the regulation, complete their training on the establishment and operation of the system, and provide data entry by registering with the zero waste information system.

One step ahead in the industry

Santa Farma's production facility in GEBKİM OSB, located on an area of ​​80 thousand square meters and having a closed area of ​​44 thousand square meters, stands out in the sector with its environmentalist feature. In the facility; Last year, with the motto of 'Zero Waste', approximately 353,5 tons of waste, mainly paper, glass, plastic, metal, vegetable oil, mineral oil and organic waste, were collected at the Gebkim facility.

The collected waste consisted of 209.5 tons of paper, 11.5 tons of glass, 44.9 tons of plastic, 23.2 tons of metal, 720 kilograms of vegetable oil, 63.4 tons of organic waste and 20 kilograms of mineral oil.

Again, at the head office and production facility of Santa Farma, the under-table waste bins were removed from the beginning of last year and common unit areas started to be used.

3 thousand 562 trees were saved

As a result of the recycling of collected wastes; While 41.4 tons of greenhouse gas effect was reduced, 1 million 134 thousand 303 kilowatt hours of energy was saved. Apart from that, while 3 thousand 562 trees were saved with recycling, 44.1 kilograms of raw materials and approximately 733 barrels of oil were saved.

Santa Farma's environmentally friendly production facility also makes a significant contribution to the economy thanks to its “Zero Waste”. With the initiated application, a total of 476 thousand 407 TL of electricity savings was achieved by recycling paper, glass, plastic and metal wastes. In addition, thanks to recycling, 714,52 cubic meters of storage space is saved. kazanWhile compost was provided, 25 kilograms of compost was obtained from organic waste.

Santa Farma Zero Waste Certificate
Santa Farma Zero Waste Certificate

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