The Number of Bicycle Repair Stations Increased in Konya

The number of bicycle repair stations has increased in Konya
The number of bicycle repair stations has increased in Konya

Repair stations established by Konya Metropolitan Municipality to repair bicycles in Konya, the bicycle city, make life easier for bicycle users.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Turkey's 550 miles an longest with in Konya bike path, said they conducted studies to promote the use of bicycles, also said that one of these studies of bicycle repair station.


Stating that they are maintaining the existing bicycle repair stations in the city center and increasing the number to 35 by adding new stations, Mayor Altay said, “Bicycle repair stations consist of repair sets that allow bicycle users to intervene in the malfunctions that may occur on their bicycles while riding. The stations have the necessary tools for bicycle repair. In addition, not only bicycles but also our disabled citizens can be repaired in these stations. He spoke in the form.


the point where the installation of bike repair station Environment and Urban Planning Ministry, together with Bike Master for the first time they have implemented in Turkey Plan, the President noted that determine benefit from the data Altai, "bike repair stations to the point where intensive use of bikes we've assembled. In addition, upon request from our citizens, we will place these repair kits in the Bicycle Tram. Thus, our citizens using the Bicycle Tram will be able to maintain their bicycles during their travels. " said.

Bicycle bike repair station users points, will be launched soon and will again be the first in Turkey ABUS (Smart Cycling Implementation System) will be able to see on your Mobile Application. At bicycle repair stations; There are tools such as air pump, 8-9 and 14-15 open-ended keys, pedal wrench, bicycle tire removal lever, allen set.

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