Keltepe Ski Center is Ready for Winter Season

keltepe ski resort is ready for the winter season
keltepe ski resort is ready for the winter season

📩 03/12/2020 11:02

Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel, Provincial General Assembly Chairman Hasan Yıldırım, Provincial Special Administration General Secretary Mehmet Uzun and Youth and Sports Provincial Director Coşkun Güven, examined the on-site activities in Karabük Keltepe Ski Center before the winter season and received information from the authorities.

Turkey's 53 Ski, Karabük Keltepe Ski Center Special Provincial Administration under construction by teams of community and will be ready for the winter season 1 and 2 of the parking space, beginner ski slopes, lower daily establishments in the ski resort entrance made with gravel renovation work in the front area Governor Gürel, who received information from the General Secretary of the Provincial Special Administration, Mehmet Uzun and the Provincial Director of Youth and Sports, Coşkun Güven, examined the ongoing works in the gates, masjids and other structures.

Stating that all the works related to the approaching winter season are about to come to an end, Governor Gürel said, “Our work at the Karabük Keltepe Ski Center, which will be one of the important tourism destinations of our country and our region in the winter and ski season, is about to finish. With the experiences we gained last year, we will enter the new season ready. We had roads between Sipahiler Village and our Ski Center that were not built, we made these unfinished roads hot asphalt with the facilities of our Special Provincial Administration, our roads from the Kahyalar Village Pirinçlik District to our Ski Center Sub-Day Unity Facilities were made of hot asphalt. By integrating the Keltepe Region and our Ski Center with Eğriova Pond, we continue our efforts to make our country and our region a new attraction center in ski and nature tourism and provide service for four seasons, and we are preparing our related projects. On behalf of the people of Karabük, I would like to thank the Special Provincial Administration Teams and the staff of the Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate for their efforts and efforts. I hope our Karabük Keltepe Ski Center will be a very beautiful winter tourism center, ”he said.

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