The Foundations of 6 Schools to be Built in Istanbul were Launched

The foundation of the school to be built in Istanbul was laid.
The foundation of the school to be built in Istanbul was laid.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk attended the groundbreaking ceremony of 143 schools with 6 classrooms in Istanbul. Within the scope of the program, one school will be built in Çekmeköy, Eyüpsultan, Fatih and Sultanbeyli districts and two schools in Üsküdar will be built by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF). Selcuk; In his speech at the ceremony, he stated that they aim to reach a point in terms of the quality of education not with local criteria, but with international criteria and that they have demonstrated with concrete evidence that these goals are approached step by step.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk attended the groundbreaking ceremony of 143 schools with 6 classrooms, one in Çekmeköy, Eyüpsultan, Fatih, and Sultanbeyli districts of Istanbul and two in Üsküdar, which will be built by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF).

Selcuk; In his speech here, he expressed his gratitude to everyone, expressing the excitement experienced by the district governors and mayors regarding the works in the field of national education, and that they know how they keep children running, from their pen to notebooks, to all kinds of needs of schools.

Minister Selçuk emphasized that “education should be the case of everyone” and said, “What was put forward under the leadership of our President; Istanbul, Turkey to build schools, upgrading training and glorify the cause of the soldier as we are, we are really happy for the kids. We offer our endless thanks to everyone who raised the smile on our children's faces. " he spoke.

Stating that the projects they put forward as the Ministry of National Education “respect the superior benefit and goodness of the child”, Selçuk continued his speech as follows: “All the projects we are trying to put forward can be seen as a means of preparation for the future of this country, the future of the human being, and the future of humanity. In this epidemic environment we live in, our effort to set new goals by working harder and harder without losing our energy and consuming our hope represents a great horizon for all of us. If we want our children to have the ability and competence to carry this country on their shoulders in the future, this shows that our effort should not be diminished in order to reach a high quality, a high quality, far beyond our basic needs. We have taken it as a duty to make our schools beautiful, where a child, a teacher spends a very important part of his day. Therefore, with the understanding of schools and special projects, we aim to increase the number of schools in the style of low-rise, low-rise, small schools and neighborhood schools, thereby integrating the relationship of the school with the environment. In this context, we can easily say that: Environments in which our children are happy are, for sure, environments where their personalities develop stronger. The encounter of our children with workshops, gymnasiums and green gardens makes them a candidate to serve this country with a stronger personality and a more competent identity. "

"While increasing the quality, we also care about international quality standards"

Minister Ziya Selcuk, they work the number of classrooms to improve the quality also increases the one hand, there's the international quality by specifying standards within the framework of önemsediklerini increase was continued as follows: "PISA and Turkey as TIMSS and is the world's agenda, countries such research is in a great race, projects and in both TIMSS in PISA both in Turkey at examinations show a big rise was bringing us this happiness and quality of why you need to stand out, with schools, the connection between people with places experienced is why powerful happened to us it showed. We want environments that reveal the potential of our children, we strive for this because when a child receives an education by solely solving questions with pencil and paper, be sure, neither his abilities nor his personality will mature. The work of our children in workshops brings a different beauty and we focus on being able to do, not knowing. So it's not important for us for a child to know, it's important to be able to do it. Therefore, we aim to develop environments for children and increase laboratories; We are trying to develop sports, robotics, arts and agriculture workshops. Thank God, we have opened around 10 thousand workshops in the last year, without using any special budget, that is, with donations out of our own budget, all of which are donations. A budget of around 420 million lira has been set for the construction of these workshops. This makes us proud and shows that our people, our people, believe what we say. "

"We must take a step to have a claim in world competitions"

Minister Ziya Selçuk expressed that the resources are being spent on schools and education and that these resources are directed to education with the special attention of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan strengthened their hopes.

Selçuk also thanked the TMSF family, which supported the Ministry of National Education on tablets and schools, and said: “When our schools, the foundations of which we have laid today, come to life, be sure, we will have done a job that will make passers-by. Be sure that our children will run to school and will be happy to live and be in school, "Let me leave as soon as possible." We will realize environments that he would not think of. We must now take a step towards claiming in school buildings and educational buildings in world competitions. We just said, 'Let's close the roof, do some classrooms, let's retreat.' not; an assertion to come out now 'Turkey is the owner of another bar. Now, Turkey is seen as another attribute of the case. ' we have to say and we say that, thank God… This is a great success story; The increase in the number of classrooms to the investments made in Turkey and here, during the AK Party put forth the effort really is a great success story. When we think about this, we crown this success story with these works and not with a set of local criteria regarding the quality of education; We aim to come to a point with international criteria, and we demonstrate with concrete evidence how we approach these goals step by step. "

Minister Selçuk stated that the completion and opening of these schools will be realized through joint efforts. Emphasizing that he does not doubt that the efforts of the district governors and mayors to support the land and schools will continue, Selçuk wished the schools to be founded will be beneficial for our country and our nation and thanked those who contributed.

Governor Yerlikaya: Schools to live are now being designed

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said that there are over 3 million 26 thousand students in Istanbul and a total of 3 thousand 310 schools, of which 7 thousand 700 are state-owned.

President Erdogan's announcement of new schools for national education in Istanbul kazanExplaining that they started working with the instruction of Stating that the construction of 2003 schools in the city continues, 2020 schools have just started or are about to begin, along with the ones whose foundations are laid today, Yerlikaya said, “We worked hard for 1424 school plots.” said.

Stating that Istanbul is the 14th largest metropolis in the world and is larger than 121 countries but smaller in area, Governor Yerlikaya said, “You guess our biggest problem with building a school: Land, land, land… We cannot find a land. We searched through and through. Together with my friends, our Provincial Director of National Education, our Deputy Governors from YIKOB and our friends from Milli Emlak knocked on the doors of our mayors. What did we collect in two years? We were able to collect 100 plots of land. " used the expressions.

Underlining that the designs of the new schools are not similar to the old ones, Yerlikaya said that now schools are designed "to live". Noting that there were 1999 schools built in Istanbul in 1322 and before, Yerlikaya said that these schools were either strengthened or demolished and replaced by a new one, with the instructions of President Erdoğan. Yerlikaya stated that 1 billion 33 million 429 thousand Euros were spent for these works.

Following the speeches, Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, TMSF President Muhiddin Gülal and the mayors of the districts where the schools will be built pressed the buttons on the stage, and the first concrete was poured into the construction areas.

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