Vascular Occlusion An Important Problem In Diabetic Foot Wound

Vascular obstruction is an important problem in diabetic foot wounds
Vascular obstruction is an important problem in diabetic foot wounds

Today, diabetes, also known as diabetes, is a progressive disease that causes many organ involvement resulting from high blood sugar. Diabetic foot wounds, which are the most common reason for hospitalization in diabetic patients, are a serious side effect of the disease.

Speaking of the importance of early intervention in the treatment of diabetic foot wounds, Wound Care Coordinator Nurse Deniz Yahcı said that this problem could have serious consequences, including limb loss.

Irregular sugar causes vascular occlusion

Wound Care Nurse Deniz Yahcı: Diabetic foot wounds are the wounds that occur due to insufficient oxygenation and inadequate nutrition of the tissue as a result of vascular diseases such as circulatory disorders in the foot vessels, narrowing of the arteries below the knee, calcification or obstruction due to uncontrolled sugar levels. . In this case, the tissues may die or even cause gangrene problem in the feet and legs of the patient.

What are the symptoms of congestion in the foot and leg veins?

Occlusion of atheroma plaques in the veins that deliver oxygen to the arms and legs is called peripheral artery vascular occlusion in medicine. Symptoms of leg vein occlusion, which is the most common type of occlusion, can be briefly listed as follows:

  • Numbness and pain in the legs
  • Numbness in feet and legs
  • Cold feet and legs
  • Loss of strength in the legs due to the weakening of the leg muscle
  • Color changes such as pale or redness of the feet
  • Thickening of toenails
  • Shedding of hair on the top of the feet and fingers
  • Increasing the healing time of wounds in the leg and foot area
  • Pain in the toes and gangrene

There are many methods in the treatment of vascular occlusion

Vascular occlusion is a dangerous disease that occurs in the advancing age. The disease that occurs as a result of plaque atheroma and residues clogging the arteries due to unhealthy nutrition and life in the vascular network is called vascular occlusion. It is a disease with very serious and dangerous consequences for human health. Vascular obstruction, in which genetic predisposition, alcohol and smoking and improper nutrition are the main triggers, is a dangerous health problem that progresses slowly.

There are many medical methods for the treatment of vascular occlusion. The first of these is drug therapy. After various examinations, various medications can be given to prevent plaque formation or blood clotting in the vessels. In addition, medications can be used to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Vascular occlusion can be opened by surgery. If the vascular occlusion is advanced, angioplasty and bypass surgery is performed.


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