22 New Buses Started Service in Van

new bus service started in van
new bus service started in van

Van Metropolitan Municipality strengthened its fleet by purchasing 22 new buses for its bus fleet. In addition, 10 12-meter buses purchased will be delivered in March.

Continuing to add value to the city with public-oriented services, Van Metropolitan Municipality has purchased 22 new buses to prevent problems in public transportation. 8.5 of the 18-meter buses purchased will serve in the city center of Van, while the other 12-meter buses will be used for the transfer of Iranian tourists to the city on the Kapıköy-Van border line in Saray District.

A ceremony was held next to Cumhuriyet Caddesi Park AVM for buses purchased with the own resources of the Metropolitan Municipality. Mehmet Emin Bilmez, the Governor of Van and the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Governor of Edremit and the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Muhammet Fuat Türkman, the deputy general secretaries, heads of departments, officials from the BMC company and citizens attended the ceremony.

Making the opening speech of the ceremony, the Governor of Van and the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Emin Bilmez, expressed that they know the honor, honor and worship of serving the people of Van and wished the new buses to be beneficial.

Stating that they are working to strengthen the vehicle fleet of the metropolitan city, Governor Bilmez said, “Today, we are happy to put into service a total of 25 buses, which are suitable for disabled, low-floor, BMC branded 41 seats and 22 standing passengers in normal time. BELVAN card will be used in all of these buses. Besides, we bought 4 Mercedes brand buses. Our buses are in international passenger transport standards. We will use these buses for the transportation of tourists coming to our city from Iran on the border of Kapıköy by land. Unfortunately, with the current minibuses, they were going down to the bus station and coming to the city center from there. In our surveys, the point that Iranian tourists complained the most was the transportation from Kapıköy to the center. We had these vehicles ready in March. But we had to wait due to the epidemic. Our hope and wish is to put these vehicles into service with our Nowruz and shopping festival next March. In addition to these vehicles, we also purchased 10 12-meter BMC brand vehicles. Since there are no vehicles in the market, delivery will be made in March. All of our vehicles, which will come in this and March, were bought with our municipality's own revenues. We do not have to borrow money to any institution, any bank or company while purchasing a vehicle. ''


Stating that one of the biggest problems of the city is transportation, Governor Bilmez continued his speech as follows:

“While solving the problems in public transportation, we are also working on our smart transportation systems project. I hope we will activate it in a short time. Thanks to this system, when we switch to this smart intersection application, which can adjust itself according to the traffic density, give direction and can be managed from the center, our density will decrease significantly. In addition, we opened the alternative road to Akköprü stream from Sağlık Street, which we opened for transportation to reduce the density in Beşyol square, which has been on the agenda of the people of Van for 20 years. That road also created a relief of around 30 percent in our estimate of Beşyol square. "


Noting that personnel are also recruited for the use of the buses to be put into service, Governor Bilmez completed his speech with the following words:

'' 65, E-class drivers will be purchased for the use of vehicles. It was announced for this. Among the applicants, a lot will be drawn in the first place. Then there will be an interview. The vehicle will be used and its status will be checked. We have some conditions such as high school graduate and a certain age range. In this process, it was presented to the public in a transparent manner. Apart from this, there is no purchase in our Municipality. Those who promise to help you in the market should not be trusted. This application process has also been completed. Approximately 5 thousand applications were made. Applications are reviewed by our friends. Most of the applications are made up of people who do not meet the requirements. The number of people who follow the requirement and apply is around 15 percent. When that is determined, we will conclude it together. Since the day we took office, it is shared with the public live that all purchases are transparent, that all tenders are made by the E tender method, that the tenders are broadcast live, and how many percent of the company that receives the tender received the job. We will stand behind this promise to the end. We know that the people of Van deserve all kinds of services. Together with all my colleagues, we know the honor, honor and worship of serving the people of Van. We will try to leave a pleasant sound this term. I would like to thank all my friends who have contributed and wish all our people to be auspicious. ''

After the prayer made by the Provincial Mufti Ömer Keskin, Governor Bilmez and his entourage made observations on buses by cutting ribbons. Later, Vali Bilmez, who also lived in the driver's station, gave an image to the journalists and took a city tour with Secretary General Türkman.

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