Tekirdağ Hayrabolu Road Kandamış Section Opening Ceremony Held

Tekirdag Hayrabolu Road Kandamis Section Emergency Toren Was Performed
Tekirdag Hayrabolu Road Kandamis Section Emergency Toren Was Performed

Speaker of Parliament Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu, Tekirdağ Governor Aziz Yıldırım, Tekirdağ Deputies Mustafa Yel, Çiğdem Koncagül, Istanbul Deputies Hasan Turhan, Vedat Demiröz, Kırklareli Deputy Selahattin Minsolmaz, Edirne Deputy Kemal University Rector Prof. Dr. Opening Ceremony of Tekirdağ-Hayrabolu Road Kandamış Section was held with the participation of Mümin Şahin.

The program started with the speech of General Director of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, after a minute of silence and the performance of the Turkish National Anthem.

Speaking afterwards, Governor Yıldırım; “Transport systems and services are a fundamental element of modern economies and social development. Transport systems and facilities not only affect the general structure of a city or country as a whole, but also affect the economic, social and cultural dynamics applied to that city or country.

The purpose of transportation; to transport people and goods in the shortest time, in a cheaper and safer way. One of the basic duties of the state is; To establish and coordinate transportation systems that create transportation capacity to meet the needs created by economic and social developments and in accordance with the interests of the country and society.

Tekirdağ has a total of 43 km highways, including 189 km highways, 369 km provincial roads, 1720 km state roads and 2321 km rural roads. With the awareness that transportation is a public service, we continue to serve our citizens by carrying out the necessary studies in the field of transportation, which increases modernization, revitalizes economic and social life, and provides advantages to other sectors.

Tekirdağ-Hayrabolu Road, of which we will inaugurate a 5-kilometer section of 3 junctions, 3 bridges, and 13 agricultural underpasses, is an important development for our Tekirdağ, which is developing day by day and progressing to become a trade and logistics center. kazanis mine.

With Tekirdağ-Hayrabolu Road, which we will open; In order to improve and improve the transportation of Tekirdağ and Hayrabolu district, which has an important place in agriculture and animal husbandry in our country, it is planned to increase the standard of the existing road and ensure its connections to the highway and ring roads.

We anticipate that the completion of the existing (2 × 1) lane low-standard road as a divided road will make significant contributions to the development of the Hayrabolu region, and the access of Tekirdağ Port and industrial zones in the region to Kapıkule will be easier.

We would like to thank our President, President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Professor, who contributed to the construction of Tekirdağ-Hayrabolu Road. Dr. Mustafa Şentop and our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Adil Karaismailoğlu, our deputies, his worker, technical staff, expert, inspector and all other personnel of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. I wish the road to be beneficial to Tekirdağ, our region and our nation. " said.

Speaking after Governor Yıldırım, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “We are happy to open the 1st Stage of Hayrabolu-Tekirdağ Road. The transportation of Tekirdağ, which is located on the international road route that connects our country to Europe through Hayrabolu-Tekirdağ Road, will be provided with a high standard road network. Hayrabolu-Tekirdağ Road will connect Hayrabolu to Tekirdağ ring road, starting from Hayrabolu Köprülü junction on the Alpullu-Malkara road, which passes Hayrabolu as a ring road.

Karaismailoğlu stated that within the scope of the project, there are 19 intersections, 4 bridges, 1 overpass, 5 underpasses and 116 hydraulic engineering structures. Explaining that the current 47-kilometer-long road connecting Hayrabolu district to Tekirdağ will be shortened by 1,3 kilometers, it will decrease to 45,7 kilometers. He said: “In the 2×1 standard, the existing 7-meter-wide road will become a 2×2 lane BSK paved divided road. Within the scope of the 1st Stage, which we opened today, 13 kilometers of divided roads, 5 intersections, 3 bridges and 3 underpasses have been completed. The total cost of this 13-kilometer section is 166 million liras. When the entire project is completed, the Tekirdağ Port and the industrial zones in the region will have easy access to Kapıkule, the trade volume in the region will increase and Tekirdağ province's socio-economic kazanwill achieve. A safer transportation opportunity will be established for road users. Travel time in the region will be shortened, and the exhaust emissions of vehicles to the environment will decrease. In addition, it will contribute to the country's economy by saving on maintenance-operation costs and reducing fuel and depreciation expenses. Good luck in advance.” said.

Speaking afterwards, Parliament Speaker Şentop; “The state belongs to the nation, with all its means and resources, it belongs to the nation. Every stone in the way of the state's access to the nation and the nation's access to the state, that is, justice and law, must be removed. Turkey, all organized in spite of those networks, international and domestic network stubbornness, it will never give up this goal will not be dissuaded.

Şentop, in his speech at the Tekirdağ-Hayrabolu Road Kandamış Section Opening Ceremony, said that there are monuments to the country. kazanHe said that they felt the honor and pride of climbing.

Works that will make life easier for citizens kazanŞentop, stating that there can be no more honorable duty than to carry Because the road is civilization. As of November 3, 2002, Turkey started a tremendous civilizational march, and thankfully we have overcome all obstacles and reached these days.” he said.

The road just pointing out that this does not mean to facilitate reduction and access to the distance Şentop, he continued by saying: "Cities are accessing another economic life alive, everyone more time getting it departs from between the state and society and Turkey's rising competitiveness. Here we are once again experiencing this honor in Tekirdağ. This is what matters to us.

Şentop stated that the road is civilization and civilization is a total life style and said, “It is seen that our ancestors gave special importance to road construction, bridges, passenger safety and road services during the heyday of our civilization history. Before the Seljuks and later the Ottomans, they took control of the Silk and Spice Road trade with the derbent organization, caravanserais, guild organizations established for the transportation of passengers and cargo, and thus achieved both economic and cultural development. As a natural consequence of this, they have become the most important power in the world politically and militarily. " he spoke.

When the Northern Marmara Motorway and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge are used, we reach Bursa and Izmir from Dilovası location without interruption. Likewise, it is known by everyone that the transportation between Europe and Asia will be greatly facilitated thanks to these highways. Thanks to our highways that surround our country like blood vessels, especially in this stage, the goods and services produced in the industrial zones in Thrace will reach Istanbul and Anatolia both uninterruptedly and rapidly. Highways will play an important role in the development of our country and our region. We now have the longest 4-lane tunnels in the world with the Gebze-Izmit section of the Northern Marmara Motorway, which was opened two months ago and put into service of our country.

Şentop pointed out that they will remove the traffic density and environmental pollution caused by the urbanization and industrialization in the Marmara Region from the city and separate the intercity and international traffic load from each other and said, “Our country lost many people in traffic accidents. For a long time, we've all noticed that traffic accident news has been decreasing. We will carry the peace of mind of having safe and wide roads that will minimize these pains. " said.

At the ceremony, Provincial Mufti İsmail İpek prayed and the opening was made by cutting the ribbon. Then he took a test drive on the road with Parliament Speaker Şentop, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Karaismailoğlu and Governor Yıldırım with the office vehicle he used.

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