Support for Breeding Trout Continues

support of the trout trout continues
support of the trout trout continues

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli said that they have provided a total of 2003 billion 1 million TL of support to the aquaculture industry since 350.

Minister Pakdemirli stated that they support hunting and breeding in order to increase the variety of species and the amount of production in aquaculture production, which is an important protein source in healthy nutrition.

Within this framework, Minister Pakdemirli stated that the “Communiqué on Support for Breeding Trout in Hatcheries Free from Diseases within the Scope of Aquaculture” was published in the Official Gazette today.


“With the aforementioned communiqué, to ensure the establishment of trout hatcheries in hygienic and healthy conditions, to ensure that biosecurity measures are taken, to prevent the spread of fish diseases, to ensure quality egg and juvenile production, to increase the quality of the trout raised in our country for consumption in international standards, brood trout support to the hatcheries permitted by our Ministry. is paid. Accordingly, we will provide 10 TL per unit to disease-free hatcheries, limited to a maximum of 60 thousand breeding stock per year. "


Pakdemirli stated that they paid a total of 2003 billion lira in the last 16 years to the aquaculture producers they included in the scope of support in 1,350 for the first time.

“With these supports given, the number of aquaculture facilities, which was one thousand 245, increased by 70 percent to 2.127, and the amount of aquaculture production from 61 thousand tons increased by 511 percent to 373 thousand tons. With these developments, our fisheries exports also increased significantly. In this context, our aquaculture exports, which was 2002 thousand tons in 27, increased by 2019 percent in 640 to 200 thousand tons, and in value from 97 million dollars to 1,025 billion dollars. As of today, we are exporting aquaculture products to more than 100 countries, especially to EU countries, including Japan, USA, Russia and Korea. "

Günceleme: 29/11/2020 12:15

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