BMC Decides to Take a 19-Week Vacation within the Scope of Combating the Kovid-1 Outbreak

BMC Decides to Take a 19-Week Vacation within the Scope of Combating the Kovid-1 Outbreak
BMC Decides to Take a 19-Week Vacation within the Scope of Combating the Kovid-1 Outbreak

BMC Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ announced that it suspended production at its Izmir factory for 19 week within the scope of combating the Kovid-1 outbreak.

Turkish defense industry of the statement made by the leading motor vehicle manufacturer BMC, Turkey, together with the whole world within the scope of the fight against the epidemic area Kovid-19 was expressed under the influence of such a decision is taken. In the statement, emphasizing that all necessary measures have been taken since the first day of the epidemic and continue to be taken,

“Under the leadership of the Pandemic Coordination Board, which we established together with our senior management and the managers of the relevant departments, in order to protect the health of all our employees at the maximum level, we continue to take all necessary precautions in all processes from the moment our employees leave their homes and reach their homes after working hours. We carry out our inspections periodically and in accordance with the instructions in all areas that may pose a risk, especially in offices, personnel services, changing rooms and dining halls, and we immediately take the necessary measures in case of any problems. In this process, we routinely inform our employees about all developments and take the necessary actions altogether. " statements were included.

From March 2020 from the date of emergence of cases in Turkey thanks to senior employees in the measures it takes in case BMC was expressed that the number remained below the level of 2%. It was reported that many cases detected in the campuses of Sakarya, Istanbul and Ankara, especially in the Izmir campus, were diagnosed with this disease during their time outside the factory, and the treatment processes were followed precisely by ensuring the isolation of the workers involved before they came to the facilities.

"Holiday" against increasing cases across the country

The statement emphasized that although the normalization process started on June 1, the work continues with high-level measures,

“Thanks to the measures we have taken so far, it is our greatest happiness that we do not have cases that result in intensive care or death during our pandemic struggle that has continued successfully. Although the total number of diagnoses was less than 10 until a short period, the number of cases within the institution has started to increase with the effect of the increasing number of cases throughout the country. For this reason, under the leadership of our Pandemic Coordination Board, it has been decided to leave our Izmir factory on holiday for a week as a precaution as of Tuesday, 25 August 2020 for the safety of our employees and their families. All of our employees will be subjected to detailed health checks on their return to our factory, and the necessary protective and preventive planning will continue to be made according to the results. We are aware of our obligations to both our employees and our country, with our deep-rooted past of half a century and the responsibility of being the domestic and national production base of our country. As one of the largest manufacturers of land vehicles in the defense industry of our country, we know that beyond commercial concerns, it is of great importance that the very important projects that we have undertaken strategically for the security and interests of our country without interruption. For this reason, we will continue to work and produce for our country by taking all necessary measures. As the big BMC family, we sincerely believe that this difficult process will be overcome shoulder to shoulder with the unity, support and determination of our nation and we hope that this period will end with the least damage in terms of our country's economy and the health of our people. statements were included.

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