Emirates Extends its Flight Network to 74 Cities

Emirates Flight Network
Emirates Flight Network

Emirates announced it will continue passenger services for Birmingham (September 1), Cebu (August 20) and Houston (August 23).

The company thus expands its flight network to 74 destinations and offers its passengers safe and comfortable connecting flights between the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas through its headquarters in Dubai.

There will be four flights per week between Dubai and Birmingham, and two flights per week with the Emirates Boeing 777-300ER between Dubai and Cebu.

Customers can travel or stay in Dubai, which reopens its doors to business and leisure visitors. COVID-19 PCR tests are mandatory for all arriving and transferring passengers to and from Dubai (and the UAE), including UAE citizens, residents and tourists, regardless of their country of origin.

Dubai Destination: From sparkling sunny beaches and cultural heritage activities to world-class hospitality and entertainment, Dubai is one of the most popular destinations in the world. In 2019, the city attracted 16,7 million visitors and hosted hundreds of global gatherings and exhibitions, as well as sports and entertainment events. Dubai has been one of the first cities in the world to receive a Safe Travel stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), which supports its comprehensive and effective measures to protect guest health and safety.

Worldwide free coverage for COVID-19 related costs Customers will now be able to travel safely if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 on their journey, thanks to Emirates' commitment to cover medical costs related to COVID-19 for free. This insurance is valid for customers traveling with Emirates until 31 October 2020 (first flight must be completed on or before 31 October 2020) and is valid for 31 days after completing the first flight of their journey. Emirates customers can continue to benefit from the additional coverage provided by this insurance if they travel to another city upon arrival at their destination with Emirates. For more information: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/covid19-cover/

Health and safety: Emirates ensures that its customers and employees are safe, both on the ground and in the air, at every step of the journey, by distributing free hygiene kits including mask, gloves, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to all customers. For more information about these measures and the services offered on each flight, visit: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/your-safety/

Tourist entry requirements: For more information on entry requirements for foreign visitors to Dubai: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/flying-to-and-from-dubai/ You can visit.

People residing in Dubai They can check the most up-to-date terms at: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/flying-to-and-from-dubai/

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Günceleme: 13/08/2020 16:20

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