2019 Activity Report of İETT Approved by IMM Assembly

iett's annual report was approved in the ibb assembly
iett's annual report was approved in the ibb assembly

In the session held at the IMM Assembly, the “2019 IETT Annual Report” presented by IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili was approved by the assembly. Bilgili, drawing attention to the savings in IETT, said, “With the increase in services, passenger satisfaction was also increased by serving an average of 2 million more passengers per month. With this model, the rate of voyage was reduced from 1,94 percent to 0,91 percent, and with all these improvements, 2019 million TL was saved in 225 ”. Bilgili also said that IETT's income budget is 2 billion 567 million and the expenditure budget is 2 billion 160 million.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly temporarily held at the third session of July in Yenikapı Eurasia Show and Art Center due to the pandemic. After discussing the items on the agenda, IETT General Directorate 2019 Financial Budget Final Account and Balance Sheet and Auditor Report were submitted to the parliament by General Manager Alper Bilgili.


General Manager Bilgili, who started his speech by stating that IETT is a dynamic institution due to its 149 years of history, experience and at the same time open to innovations, said, “IETT organizes, supervises, coordinates public transportation services in a holistic perspective and to meet the needs of our passengers. He acts with the mission of managing sectoral knowledge. ” Bilgili also drew the vision of IETT as “Being a leading organization that facilitates city life by making public transportation attractive with its understanding of sustainability” and said, “We are moving rapidly towards the future of public transportation with the effort of being a fair, sensitive, participative, reliable and innovative institution.”


Noting that IETT provides service 5/63 with its 7 employees, Bilgili shared the following information:
“We provide services to our passengers in our 3 garages and 65 platforms for the maintenance, repair and cleaning activities of our 15 vehicles, all of which are suitable for disabled access. We offer public transportation services to every corner of Istanbul, with a total of 68 thousand 8 stops, 739 thousand 4 open and 969 13 closed. In 708, we traveled 2019 million kilometers with our 2 thousand 462 buses, serving 815 lines and 5 million passengers with 275 million flights. In the Metrobus, we have covered 143 million kilometers by serving our 603 million passengers with our 7 vehicles in 2 lines and 600 million 298 thousand times. In 76, our line number was 2019 percent compared to 2018; our number of flights is 5 percent; we have increased our mileage by 10 percent and our passenger number by 14 percent. ”

Highlighting the activities they carried out in 2019 in line with seven strategic objectives, Bilgili's presentation highlights the following: “Under the heading of“ Establishing and Improving the Integrated Public Transportation Management System ”, which is the first of our strategic goals, ensuring full integration in transportation, ensuring the management of demands in public transportation, We develop and implement projects to set up an effective inspection system and to institutionalize private transport. For this purpose, with the Business Planning Software, we have ensured the optimum preparation of business plans, ensuring fast adaptation for different periods of density, increasing efficiency with driver-vehicle optimization and selecting vehicle type according to passenger density. ”

We opened 69 new lines

“Within the scope of the planning of bus lines integrated with the metro in our city, we carried out preparations and simulations on special line-feed line and price model with a special software. We opened 2019 new lines in 69 by responding to the needs of our passengers and continuing to improve our public transportation service network. ”


“We continued to operate the personnel and maintenance services of some of IETT's buses, using competitive cost advantages in the market, and thus increased daily 4 ​​trips throughout Istanbul. With the increase in services, passenger satisfaction was increased by serving an average of 605 million more passengers per month. With this model, the rate of voyage was reduced from 2% to 1,94%, and with all these improvements, 0,91 million TL was saved in 2019. ”


“As IETT, we supply our fuel with an annual open tender. Compared to the previous tender, we increased our discount rate by 2 percent over the pump sales price and saved approximately 10 million TL annually. By continuing our practice of performing annual mandatory inspections of our vehicles in our own garages without going to the inspection station, we have saved approximately 700 thousand TL in terms of fuel and personnel. In addition, with this application, we have reduced dead mileage and trip loss. ”


“All of our service areas in our city; We are working to provide a better quality public transportation service to Istanbulites by inspecting them in terms of information, environmental impact, accessibility, security, comfort, passenger services, time and convenience. In this context, in 2019, a total of 2 565 inspections were made to all service areas and public transportation vehicles of IETT and necessary improvements were made. Apart from IETT inspectors and maintenance companies, bus maintenance activities were also audited by an independent institution, the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. As a result of the audit, improvements were started to be made based on the findings. ”


“We continued to expand the Black Box system in our Metrobus vehicles in 2019 as well. We have also started to install the Black Box, which was previously only available on our metrobus vehicles, to our buses operating on international flights. Thanks to the black box system, we can now act more accurately in creating the car-driver-operator scorecard by encouraging economical and safe driving, identifying preventive maintenance needs. In order to improve our service quality, we have completed the maintenance and repair works of elevators and escalators in Metrobus. In this way, we reduced the complaints arising from the escalators and elevators in the metrobus by 43 percent. ”


“Another of our activities is the safe driving system we started using in our metrobus vehicles. We have activated the collision, follow-up distance, critical approach, lane violation and pedestrian crash warning system in our vehicles that serve on the metrobus line with safe driving system. In this way, we have reduced the accidents that may occur due to driver errors. We have also made serious strides in terms of occupational safety in Metrobus. We ensured that speed warning signs were placed at the station entrances, wire fences were pulled along the station and safe driving trainings were provided. We made double component road paints and new system heavy duty barriers. Thanks to these improvements, we managed to reduce the number of accidents, which was 2018 per hundred thousand trips in 18,05, to 2019 in 10,74, by 40 percent. With the improvement activities we carried out, we reduced the number of accidents, which was 2018 per hundred thousand trips in 46, to 42 percent in our buses. ”


While IETT-related calls to İBB's ALO 153 line increased continuously between 2015 and 2018, we reduced the applications received by IETT by 2019 percent in 2018 compared to 4, as a result of the measures we took and improvements in the field. We managed to reduce our number of complaints per thousand expeditions by 11 percent compared to the previous year. ”


“The successful practices we have implemented as IETT are followed by different countries. In this context, in 2019, delegations from 8 countries and various public transportation associations visited IETT and held interviews for our various applications for comparison purposes. There are treatment facilities in 13 garages under our administration. By recovering approximately 2019 thousand cubic meters of 142 thousand cubic meters of water consumed in our garages in 90, we recovered 63 percent of the water we consumed. IETT's efforts to reduce the water footprint were included in the documentary "25 liters", which was broadcast on an international channel, and was shown among the "most successful applications" by the public.


“Our efforts to establish a Transport Academy continued in 2019 and improved. In accordance with the agreement signed with UGETAM, we aim to provide training and certification to all drivers in public transport, especially IETT employees. In addition, we envisage training to all transportation professionals across the country in the academy to be established over time. By recruiting women drivers for the first time in IETT history, we ensured that 9 women drivers started to work. The trainings we provided to our employees were 27 thousand 333 hours of classroom training and 12 thousand 194 hours of distance education, in total 39 thousand 527 hours. Thus, we have provided approximately 8,3 hours of training per person. We continued to implement the performance-based job assignment model we developed for our drivers at IETT. With the update made in the performance based job assignment model, we ensured that a fairer job assignment model was created by updating the performance criteria. With this application, we have developed a new software that will allow our drivers to choose the lines they will work according to their performance. In this way, we reduced “stop violation” complaints by 17 percent, “rough behavior” complaints by 13 percent, “route violation” complaints by 16 percent, while increasing our “punctuality rate” by 7 percent. As part of the Performance Development System, we rewarded a total of 73 employees, including 137 civil servants and 210 workers. ”


After the presentation of Bilgili, Suat Sarı on behalf of the İYİ Party Group, Mevlüt Öztekin on behalf of the AK Party Group, and Birkan Birol Yıldız on behalf of the Cumhuriyet Halk Party Group, expressed their views on the IETT annual report.

Voting was done after the speeches. As a result of the voting, the 2019 Annual Report of IETT was approved by the IMM Assembly.

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