Flash Development ..! Raising Ceremony of the National Electric Train to the Rail was Canceled

national electric train derailing torque has been canceled
national electric train derailing torque has been canceled

The launching ceremony of the National Electric Train, which was produced at the factory in Sakarya and announced on 29 May, was canceled.

After the aluminum body production workshop was opened in June 2019, it was announced that the first set of the National Electric Train, which was started in TÜVASAŞ, will be on the 29th of May. However, upon the last order from Ankara, it was reported that this ceremony was canceled. It was announced from the social media accounts of TÜVASAŞ that the ceremony was canceled.


H to 160 km / h operating speed with a 1 VIP and 1 bistro wagon, one set of which will be composed of 1 vehicles, Turkey's first National and Local Electric Railway, June 5, after the opening of the aluminum body fabrication shop Inc Turkey Wagon Industry with the Presidential Decree . Production started in (TÜVASAŞ).


With the Presidential decree, it was announced that National Electric Train, which continues to be produced in total of 56 in TÜVASAŞ, will be released to the public on 29 May, the date when Fatih's conquest of Istanbul during the visit of Sakarya to Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank.

National Electric Train Technical Specifications

Maximum Speed 160 km / h
Vehicle Body Aluminum
Rail Clearance 1435 mm
Axle Load <18 tons
External Doors Electromechanical Door
Forehead Wall Doors Electromechanical Door
Boji Driven bogie and non-bogie bogie on every vehicle
Minimum Curve Radius 150 metres.
Clearance EN 15273-2 G1
Drive System AC / AC, IGBT / IGCT
Passenger Information PA / PIS, CCTV
Number of Passengers 322 + 2 PRM
Lighting system LED
Air Conditioning System EN 50125-1, T3 Class
Power source 25kV, 50 Hz
Outdoor Temperature 25 ° C / + 45 ° C
Number of Toilets Vacuum Type Toilet System 4 Standard + 1 Universal (PRM) Toilet
Draw Frame Automatic Coupling (Type 10) Semi Automatic Coupling


(Source: Sakarya Yenihaber)

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