TÜVASAŞ is the Future of Sakarya and Sakaryalı!

tuvasas is the future of saccharian and saccharian
tuvasas is the future of saccharian and saccharian

Turkish Transportation-Sen Sakarya Branch President Ali Azem Fındık changed the name of TÜVASAŞ and made a statement regarding the merger of TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ under the umbrella of TÜRASAŞ.

Ali Azem Fındık, who said “TÜVASAŞ is the last fortress of Sakarya”, used the following statements in his statements: “TÜVASAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ were united under a single roof with the Presidency Decree dated 03.03.2020 and named TÜRASAŞ. As of the date when TÜRASAŞ will be registered in the trade registry, TÜVASAŞ will lose its head office status. However, the status of TÜVASAŞ has not been determined yet. As the Turkish Transportation Union, we cannot accept TÜVASAŞ's loss of status! We continued this struggle on every platform and we will continue!

In 1986, when TÜVASAŞ was transformed from a corporation to a joint stock company, it was intended to work with the private sector logic by avoiding the cumbersome structure and preventing the slow working of decision mechanisms due to the headquarters being in Ankara. 34 years have passed since TÜVASAŞ became a joint stock company. The company has become a huge company carrying out large investment and production in this time and while his place among Turkey's top 500 industrial corporations, has maintained its lead in the sector. TÜVASAŞ 'turnover for 2019 is 409 million TL.

In line with the achievement of the domestic and national production target, TÜVASAŞ has established an aluminum body production factory with a fully robotic welding and processing benches, a sandblasting facility with 8000 m² aluminum body, a semi-automatic painting plant, and an assembly workshop with aluminum body vehicles. Along with this, it also started the production of high-tech bogie chassis and invested approximately 6000 million TL in total. Within the scope of Aluminum Body National Train production, it has become a center to produce high-tech railway vehicles and received an order of 100 billion TL. What is to be done by making such a decision and causing our institution to lose its head office status while the infrastructure work of the National High Speed ​​Train Project is about to complete? What is the purpose of this hasty decision?

This decision;

  • While the National Train activities are going on at a great speed, will it not spoil the motivation of the employees?
  • Will it not delay the National Train getting on the tracks?
  • Will it not complicate employment (civil servant-worker-subcontractor recruitment)?
  • Won't Sakarya decrease its share from TÜVASAŞ?
  • Will he not transfer the tax paid by TÜVASAŞ from Sakarya to Ankara?
  • Will it not affect the regional economy?

Many more questions come to mind. Until recently, what is the logic of the step taken to manage a gigantic company like TÜVASAŞ from Ankara by joining TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ when dividing and dividing TCDD into two? What will be the post (fate) of these 3 distinguished institutions that will be merged under the roof of TÜRASAŞ? Does this step open a privatization door considering the rental method or private sector partnership?

The public awaits the answer to these questions

TÜVASAŞ is the leading company in the passenger transport railway sector. If the three institutions are to be merged and converted into a single general directorate, this should be under the umbrella of TÜVASAŞ or a suitable solution should be found by maintaining the status of these three institutions.

Despite the decision to close our company, which was destroyed in the earthquake in 1999, TÜVASAŞ was rebuilt and survived as a result of the unity of the employees and the people of Sakarya and the support of politicians. This unity and togetherness awareness should be maintained today.

In order to prevent further negative results on behalf of TÜVASAŞ, non-governmental organizations, especially politicians, and all Sakarians have a great duty.

It should not be forgotten that;

TÜVASAŞ is above politics!

TÜVASAŞ is the future of Sakarya and Sakaryalı!

TÜVASAŞ is the last castle of Sakarya! ”

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