The number of terrorists who have been neutralized since January 1 has been 1359

the number of terrorists that has been neutralized since January
the number of terrorists that has been neutralized since January

Head of the General Staff, General Yaşar Güler, Army Forces Commander Gen. Ümit Dündar, Naval Forces Commander Admiral Adnan Özbal, Air Force Commander Hasan Küçükakyüz and Deputy Ministers of Defense Yunus Emre Karaosmanoğlu, and Alpaylan Kavaklıoğlu and Şuay Alpay Ministry activities were discussed.

In his evaluation at the meeting, Minister Akar stated that while the fight against the coronavirus epidemic continues, on the other hand, the operations of the Turkish Armed Forces in the scope of the fight against terrorism continue.

Minister Akar stated that the activities of the TSK in the 5 operation regions continue at the same pace, “It is very important for us to continue these operations. At the same time, these areas, Mehmetçi, here should not be affected by this virus in any way. There is an extraordinary effort for this. Both the applications in the field and the planning works for this at the Ministry, General Staff and Force headquarters are very serious. As a result, thankfully, an important point has been reached so far, and our activities continue without any accident ”.

Minister Akar stated that the fight against terrorist continues decisively, “In the operations carried out yesterday, 17 terrorists in various regions were neutralized. Since January 1, the number of terrorists that have been neutralized in the operation areas has been 1359. Our Mehmetçi is doing his duties with great heroism and sacrifice against both the virus and the terrorists. ”

Minister Akar, who wishes good and successful duties to the hero Mehmetçi, who fulfills his duties with great success in difficult land and weather conditions at home and across the border, expressed his wishes of mercy to the martyrs and urgent healing to the wounded.

Reminding that the TSK has started to implement preventive and preventive preventive measures from the first day on the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, Minister Akar said:

“Especially after the establishment of the Center for Combating Coronavirus (KOMMER) within the Ministry, the Ministry of Health and the related ministry have brought this struggle to these levels after intense coordination with institutions. Our plans for the struggle continue, and we continue to take measures against all possibilities. KOMMER has been a great success in tracking individual cases. He constantly monitors the site and takes all measures proactively. ”


Touching on the importance of applying the stay-in-place principle in the fight against coronavirus, Minister Akar said, “We are seriously beneficial in fighting the virus by doing all the work with minimum staff”.

Stating that the implementation of the measures taken has been carried out with great seriousness and discipline until now, Minister Akar reminded that a civilian officer died due to the virus. Wishing mercy to the civil servant who lost his life, Minister Akar also wished a worker who continued to be treated in the intensive care unit would recover immediately. Minister Akar said:

“At the point we have reached, we do not have the luxury of loosening or feeling comfortable. This is one of the biggest dangers. In order not to come to this point, we need to maintain our sensitivity. In addition, we did our part in the normalization plan and road map announced by our President, and we will continue to do so. The most important issue here is the duty of our Armed Forces, the security of our borders, our sovereignty, our independence, the security of our country, our nation, on land, at sea and in the air. We will contribute to normalization while performing our duties in the best way without compromising any of them. In line with the instructions of our President, all ministries, institutions and organizations are working hard on normalization. We took our place in this calendar, and we continue to do whatever we need to do accordingly. ”


Coronavirus with a whole effective anti shown if it is in a more prominent position compared to Turkey and other countries, the Minister emphasized Akar, "Normalization framework as explained in our President 31 demobilized are from May 5 filing operations from June, 14 June We planned the admission of the National Defense University exam and the admission of our youth, who were selected for military service from June 20, to the Armed Forces. We follow them with great care and precision. We will endeavor to make this process healthy, successful and effective without any adversity. ” Pointing out the importance of demobilization and summons, Minister Akar said:

“In particular, summons is very important. Mehmetçi, who will be discharged, is already under health control, protective measures have been taken, and they are still being taken. They will be kept under surveillance for 14 days before they are discharged. However, as a summons, we need to be very careful in admitting our young people from all over our country to the Armed Forces. Here, as well as our General Staff, Force Commands, Askeralma General Directorate (ASAL), the work of our troops is very important. In any way, we will show our sensitivity in order not to endanger the health of our young people, the members of the Armed Forces currently in office, and we will accept the summons in this way. ”

Minister Akar said, “The Turkish Armed Forces, with their national, spiritual and professional values ​​gliding from our thousands of years of glorious history, in the light of reason and science, within the framework of the constitution, in accordance with the laws and the instructions of our President; He is at the command of his nation and at the beginning of his duty. ”

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