Public Transport Use Drops 55 Percent in Antalya

Percentage of public transportation use in Antalya dusted
Percentage of public transportation use in Antalya dusted

📩 19/03/2020 16:00

After the "stay at home" warnings due to the coronavirus epidemic, the use of public transportation in Antalya decreased by 55 percent. Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin BöcekThe crisis desk formed under the chairmanship of 's evaluated the developments in public transportation. As a result of the decision taken, no change was made in the lines, but working hours were rearranged for public transportation services other than 07.00-09.00 in the morning and 17.00-19.00 in the evening. Mayor Insect stated that Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is on duty with all its teams and asked citizens to comply with the call to stay at home until the risky period passes.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which has started a cleaning campaign throughout the city since the day the coronavirus epidemic started in Turkey, continues its work without interruption in order to get through the process in the most trouble-free way. Disinfection and disinfection works continue in public transportation vehicles, especially in public areas where the public is heavily used. Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Böcek announced that new and important decisions were taken at the crisis desk created for the health of both the carrier and the transporter in public transportation.


President Muhittin BöcekThe meeting was chaired by Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Cansel Tuncer, Chief Advisor to the Mayor Cem Oğuz, Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Head Nurettin Tonguç, Antalya Transportation A.Ş. Deniz Filiz, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Yasin Aslan, Chairman of Antalya Bus Drivers' Chamber, attended. Minister Muhittin Böcekstated that the hygiene studies started from the first day in all transportation vehicles will continue, and announced that the working hours have been rearranged. Mayor Insect noted that the changes made in public transportation hours can be learned from the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Call center's phone number 0242 606 07 07 and the updated hours from the Antalya Card Mobile Application. In order to prevent the grievances of citizens who have to go to work, President Insect announced that the flights will continue in the same way between 07.00-09.00 in the morning and 17.00-19.00 in the evening, when public transportation is used most intensively, and that the flights outside these hours have been reduced in a way that will not make the citizens suffer due to the drop in the number of passengers.


Mayor Böcek thanked Antalya for their sensitivity and said, “We are at the beginning of our duty for the health and safety of our people. We act with the awareness of our responsibility. Since the beginning of the process, we have taken a series of measures to prevent the victimization of our citizens. We are continuing our studies without interruption, especially the spraying and disinfection works. We will overcome this crisis hand in hand. Many transactions regarding our municipality can be done on the internet. I ask all of our citizens, especially our fellow citizens over 65 years old, not to go out unless it is compulsory until they get through the risky period. ”

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