First Tender was Made for Kanal Istanbul

first tender for channel istanbul
first tender for channel istanbul

5 companies submitted bids for the tender held for the reconstruction (reconstruction) projects of the historical Odabaşı and Dursunköy bridges within the scope of the Canal Istanbul project.

The tender held at the 1st Regional Directorate of Highways in Kagithane for the reconstruction (reconstruction) of the historical Odabaşı in Başakşehir and the historical Dursunköy bridges in Arnavutköy, which will be implemented by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, within the scope of the Canal Istanbul project. Bids for were received by closed envelope.

In the tender in which 5 companies participated, Artuklu Architecture's proposal was void, Mukarnas Architecture offered 500 thousand liras, Hasan Fehmi Şahin 550 thousand liras, Safir Geotechnical 507 thousand liras, Altıparmak Architecture 408 thousand liras.


In the special technical specification prepared for the tender, the purpose of the work was explained as “Preparation of projects based on the principle of disassembling and transporting the solid sections, completing the missing sections in order to ensure that the historical Odabaşı in Başakşehir and the Dursunköy bridges in Arnavutköy are protected and transferred to the next generations.

According to the specification, research excavations will be made around the bridge and determined by the start and end points. The firm that received the tender; It will undertake the works of dismantling the bridge, moving the structural elements, reconstructing and completing the missing sections.

It will investigate alternative locations and determine the location of the bridges to move the bridge to a location close to its original location. The duration of the work was determined as 350 days.




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