Bayramda bridges and highways will be free

The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan, announced that the bridges and highways that they operate publicly as a result of Ramadan Feast will be free from midnight 23 June Friday to 24 Jun, 28 June Wednesday morning 07.00.

In his speech at the iftar program organized for the Transportation Correspondents at Ankara Tower Restaurant, Minister Arslan stated that the country has been trying to serve the ministry, the country and the people of the country from the past to the present, so that the purpose of all those who work is to serve the people.

Arslan stated that they have invested 14 billion liras in the last 347 years for the development of the industry, economy and industry in order for the country to be accessible and accessible, and to develop transportation infrastructures, which are indispensable, and that the work continues on 500 thousand 3 projects, 400 of which are the main projects, He reported that 49 billion liras were invested within the framework of public-private cooperation.

Arslan, currently the ongoing projects, especially after the spending of the 227 billion pounds will be expressed, 51 billion pounds of public private cooperation within the framework of ongoing studies, he said.

This year, the Ministry of the Ministry of investment related to the amount of investment allowance 26 billion 400 million pounds describing Arslan, 2017 179 investment program in the 17 billion 100 million pounds for the project by spending them said they will finish.

In the highway sector, the investment program 11 billion liras in the investment program stating that the Arslan, people's access to transportation and access to receive services within the year will receive additional allowances.

Arslan stated that their first goal on highways will be finishing 840 kilometers of divided road, they will build 860 kilometers of single road, they will make 2017 thousand 2 kilometers of bituminous hot mixture in 17, maintenance, repair and renewal work on 850 kilometers of bituminous hot mixture roads, and surface coating of 12 thousand 250 kilometers. also told that they will do construction and repair.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model Arslan also provide information about their work with, Ovit Tunnel View will finish next year, Turkey's longest tunnel of 14,5 kilometers Zigana Tunnel, which is next year, "Light It Over" ceremony will be held, He reported that they will finish in the next year.

Arslan stated that the drilling works of the 3-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel, which includes both rail and automobile transportation, are planned to be completed at the end of this year, and that the works related to the construction of the tunnel will be completed by the end of this year and will be tendered with the BOT model.

In the railways sector, the General Directorate of TCDD and the Directorate General of Infrastructure Investments are working together, Arslan said that there are 11,3 billion pounds in the railway sector.

Arslan, high-speed train (YHT) and also provide information about the high-speed train work, a thousand 213 kilometers YHT line TCDD Transport Inc. 3 thousand kilometers YHT and high-speed train line is still under construction, he said.

"Baku-Kars-Tbilisi line will open at the end of August and the beginning of September"

Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line in Turkey as Armstrong was quite striking distance, "We are becoming the end of June beginning of July, but the landslide occurred in the train may be operating on the Georgian side of the border. Therefore, their business was extended for 3 months. When they finish there like the end of August and the beginning of September, we will be completely finished and ready to operate the diesel train. " he spoke.

Reminding that they made the subway tender that started from Gayrettepe in Istanbul and went to the New Airport, Arslan said that from the new airport HalkalıHe noted that the second part of the project, which extends to Turkey, has been decided by the High Planning Council (YPK) and that they will soon be bidding for construction.

Stating that they will invest 1,3 billion lira in the aviation sector as the Ministry, State Airports Authority (DHMİ) and the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, Arslan has started the tender process for the construction of new airports that will serve Karaman, Yozgat, Bayburt and Gümüşhane, He said they came to the stage.

Arslan stated that they have reached the final stage in the processes of construction tenders for Türksat 5A and 5B satellites, and that they continue to work on the national and domestic satellite 6A.

"3 thousand 515 boats passed to the Turkish flag"

About the work they will do in the maritime industry Arslan, said they would invest in this sector 720 million pounds.

Turkish owned foreign bayraklı Reminding that they made many regulations and exemptions for yachts to pass on the Turkish flag, Arslan said, “As of today, 3 boats have passed to the Turkish flag. Our goal for the end of the year was 515 thousand. It is an expression of our satisfaction that 6 thousand 3 boats hoisted the Turkish flag before half of the year. " found the assessment.

Arslan stated that by using the Universal Service Fund as the Ministry in the communication sector, by investing in many places in rural areas that the private sector cannot access or do not see economic, they will fulfill the service of people and will have invested approximately 2 billion lira.

Arslan said that they will complete the feasibility studies of the National Public Integrated Data Center at the beginning of the next year and noted that they attach great importance to the National Public Integrated Data Center to be established.

Cyber ​​Security Act's enactment process of the Draft Watch stated that they Arslan, reported that they continued to make their cyber security exercises in Turkey and in the international arena.

Arslan stated that the number of subscribers increased to 1 million in 2016G, which was put into service on April 4,5, 54, and noted that one third of this is actively using 4,5G.

Arslan said that the works carried out to increase the 799G and 2G services to 3G, which were established in 4,5 settlements where they serve the rural area as a public, will be completed next year, and that the tender for the 472G service to 4,5 settlements has been completed, He stated that it will be completed in 2020.

He stated that they were obliged to use the ULAK base station in the mentioned places and thus the domestic and national base stations would be used.

Pointing out that the e-Government portal has reached 32 million users, Arslan said that the work on the National Broadband Strategy has been completed and submitted for YPK approval.

Arslan, noting that grow with the new structure of PTT, PTT anywhere in Turkey, serving 500 thousand new workplaces and will be adding more 2 thousand 500 staff on reception.

Bayramda bridges and highways will be free

Answering the questions of the journalists at the end of the program, Minister Arslan stated that the bridges and highways they operate as public due to the Ramadan Festival will be free of charge until 23:24 am on Wednesday, 28 June, starting from midnight Friday, June 7.00 to June XNUMX, and He stated that tunnels, bridges and highways operated by the private sector will be excluded from the free application.

Minister Arslan, upon a question about the fines imposed due to the lack of a warning system when crossing the Eurasia Tunnel, stated that the SMS alert system works with the arrangement made by the General Directorate of Highways, but that the SMS alert cannot be transmitted in the Eurasia Tunnel and this causes problems.

Arslan said, “Let us not say that our citizen has passed 'illegally', but his HGS passed without enough balance and he repeated it too much, now when the notifications are made, we see that it has reached very serious numbers. Therefore, the procedures for having this SMS notification also in the Eurasia Tunnel system have been completed. As of June 9, SMS messages are now sent to our guests and drivers passing by. " he spoke.

"Our drivers check their HGS balance"

Reminding the drivers that they should check their balances on the internet, Arslan warned, “We started sending SMS, SMS warns them, but even if SMS warns them, find enough balance.durmazlarIf they do not immediately do the transaction that will have enough balance, when the balance is completed within a certain period of time, the transaction is automatically processed with no penalty. Our request from our drivers is to check their balances over the internet and not be subjected to penalties. " used the expression.

Minister Arslan, against the question of whether or not to make a retrospective action on the fines imposed, made the following evaluations:

“Not only in the Eurasia Tunnel, but also on our other bridges and highways, there are penalties faced by those who do not have sufficient funds or who do not complete their balance on time. As a ministry regarding them, we do not have the authority, legal regulations are required for the punishments to be forgiven. Similar legal regulations regarding the amnesty of penalties have been made in the past. What we can do as the ministry is to discuss this at the government level and to consult on whether a similar study can be done again. We will consult on such a way to solve the backward problem, but our request is that our drivers check their balances and complete them if there is a deficiency. It is not correct to say that 'we will make such a decision' by putting myself in the place of the Council of Ministers without talking to the Council of Ministers and making a decision. We will study all the details, bring them to the agenda in the Council of Ministers, consult, and determine a road map accordingly. "

Emphasizing that he will examine the details of the 16 thousand lira fine imposed on a driver passing through the Eurasia Tunnel, Arslan said:

“If there is no leakage, it cannot reach 16 thousand liras. You did not realize that you did not have a balance once, there were not two times, there were not three times… You passed 16 liras once illegally, 10 times the penalty 160 lira, 10 times passed, 600 lira, if you passed 100 times it would be 16 thousand lira. Passing 100 times means passing 1 months in 3 direction and 2 days in 45 directions. "

Road work will not be done

After being reminded of the traffic congestion experienced due to the work on the July 15 Martyrs Bridge, Arslan reported that they made warnings about the citizens to take precautions.

Stating that the precaution to be taken by the citizen is that they prefer other routes and use public transportation due to the work on the 15 July Martyrs Bridge, Arslan said that the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge was opened and the traffic of 80 thousand to 100 thousand vehicles shifted there, but the 15 July Martyrs and Fatih Sultan Mehmet He noted that there is no such amount of traffic diminishing from the bridges.

Expressing that this situation was due to the fact that more people started to use their vehicles when the bridges were relaxed, Arslan said, “We opened the Eurasia Tunnel again, now about 60 thousand vehicles pass. It was around 45 thousand in the last weeks. Some of these vehicles are slipping from other places, some people are starting to get out more with their vehicles. While approximately 15 thousand to 180 thousand vehicles passed due to the congestion on the 200 July Martyrs Bridge, there was a decrease of around 50 thousand. This does not immediately shift to other roads, some people preferred public transportation. That was the goal. " used the expressions.

Referring to the studies on the strengthening of the 15 July Martyrs Bridge and the renewal of the carrier systems, Arslan said that since 1991, the works on asphalt renewal, seals in joints and repair of cracks were started 26 years later.

Pointing out that there is a certain period of work in question, Arslan said:

“We are doing this work between June 12th and August 31st by determining the date that we will have the least trouble. We will not close for 2,5 months from now on. We are digging 40 centimeters of asphalt, we will make 25 millimeters of mastic asphalt, on top of that we will make a second 25 millimeter stone mastic asphalt. Bottom sealing after completely finished crack repairs. When there is a need for future asphalt repair, we will remove the top 25 millimeter stone mastic asphalt and immediately pour new asphalt in its place. This will take 24 hours. So if you think that there are 6 lanes, if we work on both lanes one day, we will have finished all this work in 3 days. Then we will do whatever is the most comfortable time because it is easy to find 3 days of comfortable time, we do not have the chance to find a comfortable time of 2,5 months. "

Arslan apologized for their inconvenience and stated that they were working to ease people's lives and make them travel more comfortably.

"We brought the works on Kanal Istanbul to a certain stage"

Arslan stated that they brought the works to a certain level including evaluating the materials to be produced about the Kanal Istanbul Project and continued:

“1,7 billion cubic meters of excavation will be excavated, we will use some of it to fill and green the swamps originating from the coal mines next to the New Airport, but still a very serious material remains, we will evaluate that material. We previously said that we will build islands, we are talking about a serious work including their operation and the most efficient use. When the works are finished, we will make a final consultation with our President, Prime Minister and our friends in the government, and then we will announce and set off. "

Minister Arslan, General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) answered the question on the amendment to the Ground Handling Regulation.

Arslan said that Havaş and Metropolitan Municipalities have been working for the distribution of passengers from the airport to the city center since the past, and in addition to these, a third method has been developed and said, “In a third method, the airline company itself has an agreement with a transport company. The transfer of the passenger brought by the airline company by plane to other places by means of the transport company it has agreed with. " he spoke.

Arslan recalled that they had made a new arrangement on this issue.

As former Havaş and Metropolitan Municipalities can do the transport Arslan, gave the following information:

“The third transport type is this; An agreement will be made with a service company as a result of the tender to be made by the airline operator, the State Airports Authority or HEAŞ. This company will be able to carry passengers of all airline companies; provided that the passenger pays for himself. Thus, we will prevent the fight, but those who have an agreement since the past will be able to continue to transport until the end of the year. By the end of the year, we will have applied this method. "

Arslan warned the drivers to be cautious in traffic during traffic and to follow the rules, not to be rushed, pointed out that the signs and markers should be paid attention.

Identifying the black points, risky areas, the drivers who made a lot of mistakes and sharing them with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Arslan added that they would not do road works in order not to create additional traffic except during the holiday period.



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