New Measures in Combating Coronavirus in Ankara

New measures to fight coronavirus in basket
New measures to fight coronavirus in basket

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its active fight in the Capital City by taking new measures against the coronavirus epidemic. While Halk Bread Factory maximizes hygiene practices at sales points, especially in the production area, it carries out the disinfection process meticulously on public transportation vehicles, public transportation vehicles, public transportation vehicles, taxi and minibuses, and C Plate service vehicles. Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that Metropolitan Municipality will cooperate with non-governmental organizations to distribute food to street animals in order to meet the decreasing food need due to the closure of cafes and restaurants.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities 7/24 within the scope of combating epidemic diseases all over the capital.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all units are maximizing unit hygiene practices under the coordination of the Crisis Management Center and also introducing new measures and measures.


Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that they started to distribute food in cooperation with non-governmental organizations of Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the cafes and restaurants that meet the food needs of street animals against the risk of epidemics.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Veterinary and Zoo Branch Manager Mustafa Şener, who stated that they returned to the quarantine, where the returning citizens were kept in the Gölbaşı Campus where they hosted the stray animals in the Metropolitan Municipality's Gölbaşı Shelter, gave the following information about the measures taken:

“A crisis desk was created under the chairmanship of our Ankara Governorship. In line with the request of our Governor's Office, we brought our 16 stray animals in the quarantine area to our animal shelter with Gölbaşı Municipality and within the knowledge of our volunteers, in order to avoid health problems, especially nutrition, since our volunteers cannot enter the outside. Health checks were carried out by our veterinarians from the first moment our animals arrived. Six of the 16 stray animals were sterilized. We made contact with the volunteers looking at the animals in the region. Our volunteers can come at any time to feed the animals in our nursing home and get information about their health status. After quarantine is removed, our animals will be returned to the environment from which they were taken. Our animal lovers should not worry about this, our animals are in good health and there is no problem in their feeding. We also started distributing food. ”

Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University Nature and Animal Protection Community President Damla Karaboya said, “Following the declaration of the quarantine zone, the animals we fed were transferred to the Gölbaşı shelter. At first, we approached biasedly, but now we can see our friends in Gölbaşı Animal Shelter. There is nothing wrong. While their weight is very good and their health is good, ”Volunteer animal lover Tenay Yücel said,“ I have been coming to this shelter for years. In this shelter, the lives and food of the souls are always present. Its juices are changed regularly. Vaccines are made regularly, sterilization processes are done immediately. After our Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş took office, the situation was better. Those who do not see here speak differently and negatively. Our souls are safe here. Our lives are very healthy here. Nobody needs to worry. ”He expressed his thoughts.


Ankara Halk Bread Factory has also increased its precautions against coronavirus in the stores where bread and bakery products are produced, especially in retail stores, Halk Bread buffets and bagels.

Halk Bread Factory, which launched the Outbreak Protection Emergency Action Plan, started to measure fever with daily body temperatures periodically at the recruitment of all employees. Halk Ekmek, which increased the number of disinfectants and posted warning posters at closed points, made it obligatory to wear masks and gloves. Halk Ekmek, which closes the cafeterias in the Sales Stores, started to apply the 1 meter rule for the protection of social distance for daily product sales.

Stating that they prioritize public health and food safety, Halk Ekmek General Manager Recep Mızrak announced that they took strict measures:

“We have prepared 23 items of measures. We created an Emergency Crisis Desk for the follow-up of the applications. Since our production facilities work 3 shifts, we measure the body temperature of our staff working at this shift at the time of employment. At the hygiene point, we brought the necessity of disinfectant product, gloves and mask. We have drawn yellow lines at 1 meter intervals to protect the social distance in our Sales Store. In this way, we try to protect the distance of our incoming citizens. ”


Stating that they have doubled the cleaning and disinfection processes related to coronavirus from the first day as Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Health Affairs Department Seyfettin Aslan said that public transportation vehicles are subjected to this process every day.

Expressing that they also disinfect the C plate service vehicles after the subway, ANKARAY, Cable Car, Buses and taxis and minibuses, Aslan said, “We continue cleaning and disinfection works in all public transportation vehicles that are used 7/24. We met with the Chairman of the Chamber of Craftsmen of Ankara Service Vehicle Operators and established a center. After that, when all of our C plate service vehicles come to the center, continuous disinfection will be performed. The Head of Transportation Department will provide coordinated work on this issue. As Metropolitan, we are trying to fulfill our efforts for the health of the people 7/24 ”. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Ali Cengiz Akkoyunlu also underlined that the commercial vehicles operating in the area of ​​responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality continue disinfection 7/24, “A total of 10 commercial vehicles, including minibuses and commercial taxis, have undergone disinfection. When the disinfection process of approximately 7 thousand 300 service vehicles is completed, a total of 17 thousand commercial vehicles will be cleaned. ”

Tuncay Yılmaz, Chairman of the Chamber of Tradesmen of Ankara Service Vehicle Operators, pointed out the importance of the disinfection study carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, “We are in a sector that constantly carries personnel, workers, and civil servants in the city, and we are in heavy traffic in the morning and evening. The way to get rid of this danger is through disinfection and cleaning. In this sense, the Metropolitan Municipality provides us 7/24. Thank you very much. ” While C plate service driver İbrahim Aydirek thanked Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, Fatih Yıldız said, “We would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for its services. It was a cleaning and spraying work that should have been ”.


Serving under the Environmental Protection and Control Department, BELPLAS A.Ş. cleaning teams continue the disinfection process in taxis and minibuses every day, by the instructions of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş.

While the disinfection works are under the control of the Police Department teams, Orhan Taşcı, who works at the Airport Taxi Station, said, “We thank our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor for their support. We are very glad to work on disinfecting our vehicles. We share this issue with our passengers. Our passengers can use our vehicles with peace of mind. ” Hasan Hakan Tağluk, Chairman of the Board of Esenboğa Taxis Motorized Carriers Cooperative, said, “We benefit from this application with the support of our Metropolitan Municipality. We get good feedbacks about the work from our passengers. We want these studies to continue. We would like to thank our Mayor Mansur Yavaş for their support. ”

Rıfat Çetinkaya stated that they serve at the stops of Sincan Dolmuş and said, “All of our vehicles were disinfected. I would like to thank our Municipality and Mr. Mansur Yavaş for their services. ”The minibus drivers who benefited from the service said:

  • Niyazi Bilgic: “We would like to thank our President Mansur Yavas for this service provided by the municipality. We expect the continuation of the services. ”
  • Feyzullah Kiziltas: "Thank you very much to our Municipality for this service."
  • Gift Taburlu: “Thank you to our municipality for taking care of these issues. We continue our service in a healthy way. ”


The Metropolitan Municipality, which has been carrying out continuous disinfection at many points from public institutions and organizations to non-governmental organizations, has taken the following additional measures against the epidemic danger:

  • The "Fire Brigade Exams" announced by the Metropolitan Municipality on 30 March that it was announced that the application will be accepted and will be held between 13-17 April, has been postponed to a later date.
  • Due to the decrease in the number of passengers of the tradesmen who use the Private Public Bus (ÖHO) and Private Public Transport Vehicles (ELV) operating in Ankara, the ongoing license and line tender prices were delayed for 2 months.
  • As of 4 March 23, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality building, where 2020 thousand personnel, other than administrative permits, served the same duty in the EGO and ASKİ General Directorate building, within the scope of the measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic and in the General Directorate of the Metropolitan Municipality, EGO and ASKI in order to protect the health of employees. will work with a shift system up to a second order to ensure that public service is carried out without interruption.
  • New social assistance applications to the municipality will be made temporarily via the contact phones numbered ((0312) 322 45 47, (0312) 322 11 33 and (0312) 507 37 00) instead of the Food Aid Center to prevent crowds from forming and spreading the virus.

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