1000 Lira Aid Will Be Distributed to Those in Need

help will be distributed to those in need
help will be distributed to those in need

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk said that due to the coronavirus epidemic, mask and cologne distribution will be started. However, Minister Selçuk announced that 2 billion pounds of aid will be distributed to the needy citizens.

Highlights from Minister Selçuk's speech are as follows:

  • Periodic fever measurements are carried out in our nursing homes.
  • The Unemployment Insurance Fund exists for such a case.
  • In Turkey, we have more than 153 nursing homes, including 400 owned by the state, we check every one of the day.
  • We are increasing the number of doctors in our nursing homes.
  • (Trade unions and employers unions) As their demands come, we will continue to take action on it.
  • hygiene and within the rules of our organization throughout Turkey, 14 rules that are obeyed to the letter.
  • We periodically increase their share of social solidarity foundation throughout Turkey in 1003, so we will have further increased supports to our seniors.
  • Starting in April, we will increase the lowest pension from 1000 lira to 1500 lira.
  • Most employers will benefit from this, as we will stretch the terms of the Short Work Allowance. We increase the compensatory working time from 2 months to 4 months.
  • (Short Work Allowance) We will also provide flexibility in certain conditions to make this more beneficial to all sectors.
  • (Mask and cologne distribution) First, it will start over Ankara, Istanbul, and then the project is expanded.
  • We will introduce YADES and VEFA projects for the elderly by intensifying this process.
  • Depending on the income tests conducted through the Social Assistance Solidarity Foundations, we will distribute 2 billion pounds of aid to the lowest segment.
  • In the distribution of an additional 2 billion lira resource in social assistance, we will support 1000 lira each of the households in need.

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