If necessary, we will walk until Ankara for TÜDEMSAŞ

For tudemsas, if necessary, we walk to Ankara.
For tudemsas, if necessary, we walk to Ankara.

Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) March Assembly Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Parliament Speaker Çetin Yıldırım. Mayor of Sivas Hilmi Bilgin and city council members attended the meeting as guests.

After reading the February decision summaries, the trial and expense lists were discussed and accepted by majority.

Speaking on behalf of the Industrial Commission, Assembly Member and ESTAŞ Chairman İsmail Timuçin informing about the meetings held as the Industrial Commission and stating that there are various rumors in the public regarding TÜDEMSAŞ's new company, “There are some rumors and claims. . Ethem Sancak established a new company in Adapazarı in 2019. The name of the company is BMC Rail Systems company. A friend named Murat Kavak was brought to his head. This friend is also a friend transferred from the State Railways. There are some rumors. Now it is said that; There are 400 acres in Sivas, 500 acres in Eskişehir, 400 acres in Adapazarı, and there are many beautiful lands in the city. It can attract people inevitably. We think that the heads of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the 3 cities should also be on the board of directors and be permanent members. In this way, they can follow up more easily. ”

Mustafa Eken, the Chairman of the Board, who gave information to the council members about the February activities and activities, said that they completed the bus purchase campaign to Sivasspor.

Eken said, “We launched a bus purchase campaign for Sivasspor, which was launched under the leadership of our chamber, and ended our campaign with the program we organized on the evening of March 6. I would like to thank our board of directors, councilors, women and young entrepreneurs and our businessmen who support us on this matter. I would like to mention this issue once again. We started this bus campaign at the request of our Sivasspor club and president. We gave a bus to our Sivasspor, which had a successful season. I would like to thank everyone who supported us in this campaign. I thank our business world on this issue. ”

Referring to the issue of connecting TÜDEMSAŞ to the company to be established in Ankara, Eken said; “We made a press release about the moving issue of TÜDEMSAŞ, which is an agenda item in Sivas recently. In the press release we made, the AK Party deputy Semiha Ekinci and the General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ and our trade union heads talked about that the center of this place is Ankara, and that Sakarya, Eskişehir and Sivas are not moving, everything will continue in the same way. As Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have to share the information we have received with the public and with our members. We do not doubt the goodwill and correctness of the institutions that inform us. But if something goes wrong, we will walk from here to Ankara like TÜDEMSAŞ being closed or minimized. As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, our only concern and case is Sivas, the development of Sivas, the end of the unemployment problem. Our struggle will continue in this direction, and we will continue to criticize and follow the beauties made about our city, even if something else happens.

If it is going to continue as the real production of freight wagons, we said there is no problem. We said it would be okay. We had a meeting at 4 o'clock on Tuesday with our Minister of Industry, Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Environment and Urbanization. News about TOBB has been canceled. We prepared our file, we would give it to them. We are one of the institutions that should make a statement about the city. Nobody can deny this. This is the purpose of setting up this room. We will fill in what we are talking about without talking, we will do moral opposition while we are opposing, we will not gossip. For this reason, I want you to know about TÜDEMSAŞ; As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we will be followers of this business. I hope we will meet as 3 Chamber of Commerce and Industry Heads in the coming days. Then, we will meet with the deputies to discuss what kind of solution we can find. We are planning to discuss with our President how to improve these places. TÜDEMSAŞ is Sivas' most valuable brand. It is already a terrible situation to think that this place will be closed. Our governor, we work very seriously with our Mayor. We go door to door so that the investor comes here. Recently, we allocated 42 acres of land to an investor. 700 people will work. We are trying to increase our employees, but we do not intend that TÜDEMSAŞ be closed, factories are coming. air ratio is enough to us to Turkey. We will work and strive for new investors to come. ”

It will be our responsibility to thank the Mayor Hilmi Bilgin Sivas TSO President Mustafa Eken and councilors, to give information about the services provided, to meet with the council members of the Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and to talk about the agenda of the city and the country. Because walking the road by talking and sharing with the city representatives always gives us strength. At this point, we care about this meeting we have held as a municipality with a municipal understanding that cares about consultation. ”

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